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Dr. Muhammad Farooq Haider is a Certified Pediatric Physician, Pediatric Nutritionist, and an author with a passion to help kids have the best of everything. After completing MBBS, he decided to do residency training in Pediatric Medicine.

Dr. Qaisrani
Dr. Qaisrani

Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani did post-graduate training in Pediatrics Medicine from the Combined Miltary Hospital. He completed post-graduation in Pediatrics Nutrition from the Boston University and Certification as Early Nutrition Specialist from Germany.

Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani is working as a Pediatrician at QMC and Qaisrani Children Clinic. He is the Chairman of the Board and Principal at QIMS. You can read the latest articles on our blog.

Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani


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We have added two categories for our articles. How To category is dedicated to common questions that parents are searching on the internet. While the Babies category is only for articles related to newborn babies. I have just added a new category for Toddlers.

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