Can a toddler eat a banana everyday?

You can always try new food ideas with your toddler. They are the babies of age at which they can start walking and eating slowly. As they are the very little young ones so for the first six months of birth they need to eat soft and easily swallowed food items. Because at this time of age they have no teeth. So they are not able to eat solid food.

 At this time the best energetic food item that is used for toddlers is banana. Bananas are good for toddlers. Because they are full of energy and strength. They are good soft food items for toddlers that give strength to their immune system and make them healthy. 

Can a toddler eat a banana everyday? Yes, toddlers elder than 13 months can eat a banana every day. It is necessary for him to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies and make him healthy and strong. Bananas are naturally sweet and soft due to which they are liked by the toddlers.

Bananas are a super healthy fruit that can be given to babies in a proper amount that cannot be hazardous for their health.

Bananas are the initial balance diet for toddlers. After the age of 4 to 5 months, the toddler is able enough to eat the banana. If the bananas are eaten in moderation by observing the capability and need of toddler they generally have no side effect. In fact, they are good for toddlers.

Can a toddler eat a banana everyday?

Bananas can be used as a starter food for the toddlers because they can be easily meshed with the fork to give a healthy diet to kids. Bananas have a natural sweetness and also have a packed in full of nutrients. Bananas contain too much fiber in it. The beautiful light yellowish color of the banana also gives attraction to the toddlers.

 Bananas are too much convenient to use. Because it does not require any peeler to peel the cover off. You can also left some peel on the banana to hold it properly. They don’t need any refrigerator to put in or a proper environment to store. Bananas are available during the most time of the year at a reasonable price. 

Amount of banana according to the age of toddlers

Banana is a decent organic product for the best and great development of the toddler that can influence their bodies all the while. Banana isn’t for the neonates till the child accomplish the age of a half year or passes the first quarter of his age, one can take care of him half banana by legitimate cross-section. 

At the point when a child accomplishes the age of one year, guardians can take care of him one or one and a half banana as per the particular prerequisite of the infant. So as long as 2 years of his age, you can take care of him one and a half banana. 

The measure of banana to a great extent relies upon the well-being state of an infant. Banana is necessary for the proper growth and development of the toddler. You need to keep an eye on the nourishment need of toddlers by observing his needs. In this way, one must be exceptionally cautious about the eating routine of a toddler that may influence them to a great extent on their development. 

The dose of the banana varies from toddler to toddler according to his age and body needs. Start from half banana to full banana then leads it to more than one as the toddler grows. While giving a banana to the toddler give proper attention to the dose. Because everything greater than or lesser than the required dose becomes harmful for the toddler.

Natural bananas are useful for the soundness of toddlers. Since natural bananas are liberated from any sort of bug sprays and pesticides. Banana isn’t an organic product where you need to think a great deal about the pesticides. Since they don’t influence to a great extent on a banana. Along these lines, one can eat any kind of banana as indicated by his likeliness and prerequisite of his body.

Give Banana Rice Pudding to your toddler

It is a delicious meal full of nutrition. Toddlers like it very much because its taste is very good and it gives energy to the toddlers.


1 small banana, 1 cup of brown cooked brown rice, half cup of regular milk, a small amount of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg also add any type of flavoring agent which your toddler likes.

You have to blend all the ingredients to make a proper paste. As you blend it properly it tastes good and becomes more soft and easy to eat.

Banana and strawberry smoothie

This contains the antioxidants and fiber which can help in the digestion. Its beautiful color gives attraction to the toddler.

Two chopped bananas, 1 cup of fresh and ripe strawberry, 1 cup of cold milk also add sugar if needed.

Mix everything properly and serve immediately. Because it tastes good when serves fresh.

Banana and yogurt mix

It is loaded with probiotics and provides help in the proper functioning of the gut. It is very good for the toddler if his immune system is weak and he is sensitive to the infections and microbial attack.


1 ripe banana and yogurt mix half spoon sugar if yogurt is not so much sweet and it tastes sour.

Peel the banana and cut the banana into round shapes. Mix the yogurt with it and properly blend with fork. 

Precautions when feeding banana to your toddler

Give your toddle banana when he is elder than 4 to 5 months. It is good for the health of the toddler and necessary for the digestive system of the toddler. But while giving a banana to the toddler you need to take great care on quantity and quality of banana. Because more than the required dose the banana cause problems to the toddlers.

 Always try to give good quality banana that is fresh and washed properly. Because on bananas some kind of pesticides are sprayed on it. That causes infection and toxicity in the body of the toddler if not washed properly.

Also need to notice that banana is properly ripe. If the toddler has no teeth yet give him properly mashed banana. So that it can it can easily be swallowed or try to mix it some liquid so that it can become softer. So take great care to while giving a banana to toddler.

Try not to give crude bananas to your toddler. Since they can make extreme issues for the assimilation. Yellow bananas ought to be given as they appropriately age and absorption would make it simple for toddlers. 

 Work the bananas appropriately before taking care of your infant since it can help in the absorption procedure of your infant. Yellow and appropriately coincided bananas won’t be stifled and can expand the invulnerability of the infant.

The digestive system of the toddler greatly affected by the banana. Because the banana positively affects the digestive system and make the pooping easy. It also plays a great role in stool softening if taken its accurate dose.

Banana can likewise be feed in chilly climate since it keeps the body from the virus hack and flu. In the event that the toddler previously experiencing hack, it very well may be exasperated on the grounds that it contains nutrient B6 in a huge sum. As we realize that the abundance of everything is terrible. On the off chance that the banana is taken in a reasonable sum. 

Nutritional benefits of banana

Bananas are full of nutrition. It is a completely balanced diet for a toddler. Following is the description about bananas nutritional benefits:

The medium-sized banana that is almost 100 grams contains a complete nutrition package for the proper growth and development of the toddler. It contains 105 calories, that give energy to the toddler and it is enough to make a toddler healthy and active. Total fat .4 grams, Total Carbohydrates 27.25 grams (3.13 grams fiber, 14.2 grams sugar) that can vary from banana to banana upon its riping. Green banana has 80% starch due to much banana is hard as the banana ripens the starch converted into the pectin and banana becomes soft.

Protein 1.25 grams, Sodium 1.25 mg, Cholesterol 0 mg, Potassium 420 mg, Vitamin A 1.45% of the daily value (DV), Vitamin C 17.3% of DV, Vitamin B6 20.1% of DV, Iron 1.69% of DV, Magnesium6% of DV that are helpful in lower the blood pressure and elevate the heart health.

A medium-sized banana has a complete package of all these things which can be very difficult to take singly one by one. These all nutrients helpful for the good health of the toddler. It gives them proper cardiovascular health and also helps them to control their weight. Unripe bananas can be used for the prevention of constipation. 

Health benefits of eating banana in toddlers

Bananas are extremely useful for the toddlers. It gives many health benefits to the toddlers It contains calcium and potassium that is generally excellent for the bones. It contains a lot of fiber which saves one full for quite a while. Bananas are exceptionally compelling to correct pee issues in the child. It helps the stool softening of the toddlers help to fight against constipation.

Bananas are very good for the immune system, digestive system and excretory system of the toddler. It helps to make the toddler colon clear and pushes out the fecal material. It helps the digestive system to work properly and actively.

They expel all the poisons present in the urinary tract. Banana contains especially the measure of the iron which encourages them to create hemoglobin and spare their body to be frail. As there is an enormous measure of vitamin A is available in banana, it helps for the insurance of the cornea of the eye. 

Bananas are very good for the proper functioning of all body systems. Bananas likewise help for the improvement of memory in the mind of another conceived child. It likewise improves vision in the newly conceived babies. 

Final words:         

At last, I like to say that bananas are very good for the toddlers. They are the best to make the immune system strong. So bananas are the necessary initial diet for the toddlers. It is necessary or them to take one banana daily after the age of one year. So that their body can perform all the functions properly.

As the toddler becomes older than 4 to 5 months start givi0ng him half banana on a daily basis or one after the other day according to the body needs and pediatrics prescribed. So it is good to take a banana every day and try to take it on a regular basis.

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