Can a toddler eat an egg daily?

Proper eating is an important element for toddlers because they give health and activeness to the toddlers. It is important for the development and growth of the toddler. Toddlers need complete supervision of their guardians to train them and educate the rules of life. Toddlers at their best of learning all the things very fast because their mind is fresh and active.

Can a toddler eat an egg daily? Yes, a toddler who is 9 months old can eat an egg daily. He must balance his nutritional needs. An egg itself a complete and proper balanced diet full of proteins that give energy and strength to the toddler.

Toddlers notice small things to learn which are under his observation because their observing power is very good due to the healthy and active mind. Eggs are very important for the nutrition of every kid that may be at that stage of life. Eggs give the complete nutrition to the toddlers for his good grooming. Eggs are a good source of protein. It overcomes the deficiency of protein in the body of the toddler. 

Can a toddler eat an egg daily?

Egg yolks are also good for the health of the toddler. Toddler’s ability is enhanced by taking an egg daily. A six-month-old kid can take an egg daily to get rid of stunning growth and diseased in the early stage of his life. His abilities of body and mind can grow effectively by completing the needs of the body’s fat and protein in a good way. 

Soft cooked eggs are not very good for the health of the toddler. Because it may not kill the bacteria and other germs properly on it. As the toddler’s immune system is weak so they need a properly cooked egg. So the egg must be properly cooked before giving to the toddlers. 

Importance of eating eggs for toddlers

Eggs are important for toddlers because they provide a lot of benefit to the kids. Eggs are a balanced diet for the nourishment and growth. Eggs boosts the brain of the toddler and enhance the mental abilities of the toddlers.

 Secondly, the eggs are too beneficial to regulate and maintain the weight of the toddlers. It helps to maintain the normality in the weight of the toddlers. If the toddler is underweight give him an egg daily for their healthy growth.

If eggs are eaten at breakfast, it leads to the proper requirement of the calories in the body of the toddlers. Then they need fewer calories at breakfast. The eggs keep their hunger level low for a handsome period. It completes the requirement of the body’s carbohydrates and fulfills all the body needs that are necessary for the toddlers.

Eggs are the wholesome food that is free of sugar. In the people of North America, the obesity level is very low because they use very little sugar. Sugar cause obesity in the human body and eggs have zero sugar that’s why eggs don’t cause obesity in the body. It is the perfect meal for the toddlers and elders.

So eggs are too much beneficial for the toddler’s body growth without lacking anything in the body. Too much egg feeding can cause allergy in the body of the toddlers. So parents must take care in that sense and complete the requirements of the body in its true sense.

 Allergy prevailing can be harmful for the body growth of the toddlers. It is very disturbing in the muscle growth and strengthening. If the toddler is allergic to the egg reduce the amount to half an egg or two to three eggs in a week.

Nutritional benefits of eggs for toddlers

Eggs provide a complete source of nutrition in the body of toddlers. It fulfills the complete needs of the toddler. Eggs contain an excess amount of iron which saves the human body to be anemic. Eggs also provide a huge amount of vitamins A, B12, D, E. Eggs have all nutritional benefits. It is a complete diet for betterment and growth.

These all things fulfill all the needs of the body’s nutrients. Eggs offer too much for our children because it is a complete diet that gives the care to the immune system. Eggs are a rich source of selenium and vitamins.

Eating too many eggs does not affect the cholesterol level of the body. It maintains the level of cholesterol. This lowers the risk to be affected by the different dangerous diseases. It increases the immunity of the body to grow positively. Eggs are the best source that provides choline to the body of toddlers. Choline is too much important for the building of cell membranes. 

Eating egg too much don’t lead to the risk of heart diseases. But it reduces its risk. Eggs are also very much important for the health of the eyes of toddlers. It prevents the body from macular degeneration and other harmful effects of the body. These are also very beneficial for the help of the eyes. It also reduces the blood triglycerides in the body. 

Eggs are a great source of amino acids. That is very helpful for the toddler’s growth. By all these nutrients, toddlers can grow positively and their health is not compromised at all. Eggs also have to deal with the diabetics for all age people. Weight loss is the major benefit of the eggs. Obesity is the reason for many diseases. 

Egg recipes for toddlers

Eggs can be used in various forms. You can prepare it in any form your toddler like. Or if your toddler does not like egg and not want to eat it; you can give it to him by hiding its appearance. The following are the various forms in which you can give an egg to your toddler.

Hard-boiled eggs

You need eggs, salt, and water only; water in which egg can dip easily.

Put one egg or more as you want in a freshwater. But be careful all should be properly dipped in the water. Heat it in a medium flame and put some amount of salt in it. Let water boil for some time. After proper boiling, cool it down and let the peel off. Egg is ready to eat. This recipe is for those toddlers who like eggs.

In this type, the yolk of the egg becomes extra dried so it may get stuck in the throat so try to give it in small portions.

Egg sandwich

You only need 2-4 eggs, onions, tomatoes, bread, and cheese. This is the best way to give eggs to those toddlers who do not like eggs so much. 

In this way, the egg hide in the sandwich and toddler easily eat it.

You have to first hard boil the eggs then peel it off and put them aside. Switch on your sandwich maker. Take two pieces of bread and apply some amount of butter on them. Add all the vegetables that you want to put in the sandwich. Cut the eggs into very small pieces and put them on the bread slice along with other materials. Then cover the filled bread with other bread. Heat the bread for 4 to 5 minutes. 

After all the processes mentioned above, your sandwich is ready to eat. Serve your toddler fresh egg sandwich with some sauce so he may enjoy it. This sandwich is the best diet for the toddler elder one year. In this way, he takes vegetables along with egg so this egg sandwich is full of nutrition and it is superb for growth of toddler.


You need 2-3 eggs, cheese, onions, chilies, and tomatoes also add any type of small vegetable or small cubes of meat which you like.

At first, you have to break all eggs in a bowl and mix them in a uniform texture. Add salt, spices and other fillings of your demand. Mix all the ingredients properly with fork or hand better. After proper mixing of all the ingredients. You can also sprinkle some cheese on it according to your taste. 

Then turn on the flame and put a pan over it. Add some oil in the pan when the pan and oil become warm insert the mixture in it. After properly cooking when its color changes into dark brown your delicious omelet is ready to serve to your toddler. You can serve this to your toddler with bread or anything else of his choice.

Egg Burrito

To make egg burrito, you need eggs with a lot of veggies, tortilla, and sauces. 

In one pan, heat the tortilla. In other pans, cook the eggs with the veggies that you like. Now mix the tortilla with the eggs that you have cooked. Heat the wraps and wait for the tortilla to get browned. You can also use the salsa sauce with the burrito eggs. This is one of the delicious recipes for the proper intake of eggs. 

This is liked by almost all ages of toddlers. This gives the toddler a delicious taste due to which a toddler cannot refuse to eat it. Your toddler can eat a banana with this recipe.

Egg Roll

Egg rolls are the most favorite dish for persons of all ages from toddlers to elder ones. Egg rolls are very common this gives a modern appearance to the typical eggs. Due to its beautiful appearance toddlers can attract towards it and eat it easily.

Take 2 to 3 eggs, some boiled vegetables, spices, sauces and any other thing of your choice.

It is easy to cook. The main point is the mother should be an expert in cooking. First, break 2 to 3 eggs in a bowl and mash them with a fork. Add some spices of your taste in it. Blend all in a well manner.

Turn on the flame and heat the pan and pour the blended material over it and spread it in the pan. If the pan is small first add half material in it. After properly spreading when it almost 80% cooked. Put some boiled vegetables in it if you like to add some cheese in it.

Then start twisting it from one side and fold it like a roll. Then heat it properly. If you feel that roll is large for your toddler cut it from the middle and divide it in two equal portions. Serve it to your toddler. This is full of nutrition and very good for your toddler. Also, regular milk should not not be given immediately after the egg. Your child can drink from a cup by this age.

Myths against toddlers eating an egg daily

Some parents assume that taking an egg is not good for the toddler. It may acidity in the stomach or increase the blood pressure of the toddler. But I can prove them wrong by logics because eggs have zero cholesterol so how can they affect blood pressure. It has no bad effect on the body if taken in the proper amount. So leave these myths and start giving an egg to your toddler.

Final words: 

As I explained that taking an egg is very toddler. A toddler who is taking an egg daily is active and sharper than the toddler who is not taking it. Eggs are very helpful in treating obesity. Eggs are full of proteins and a complete diet for the growth and development of the toddler.

 A toddler who is taking an egg regularly would grow fast and behaves energetic and active in their daily life as compared to those toddlers whose parents believe in typical myths.

Taking an egg is very good for the toddler after the age of six months. If your toddler not taking it with a happy face try to convince him by trying the above delicious recipes. Maybe it is difficult initially but its result is very good and positive. The positive affect your toddler shows will surprise you. So don’t wait if you still believe in myths let them aside and start giving your toddler an egg if he is more than 6 months old and notice the surprisingly best changes in him.

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