Can a toddler eat yogurt everyday?

Eating healthy is very good for the toddler. It is necessary for the growth and well-being of the toddler. The toddler needs to eat those food items which are healthy and have a great ability to boost up their immune system.

Can a toddler eat yogurt everyday? A toddler who is 12 months old can eat yogurt every day. Yogurt is important for the healthy growth of toddlers, it is easy to eat and it is delicious. It is recommended that you add yogurt in your toddler’s daily food, it  is enough to fulfill the daily dietary requirement of the toddler.

Toddlers are in the learning stage and they cannot differentiate the real world from the fantasy world. Initially, it is a tough task to give a toddler a proper diet because they are sensitive and avoid taking food. So you have to do a lot of struggle for it.

They react in a particular way to say what they want. They are in a period of physical development and emotional development. They are in a nature that can be changed by the help and guidance of the guardians. Their guardians need to focus their physical and mental growth that is very important for them. They can develop their understanding as they need in their life later on.

Yogurt is very important for the diet of the toddlers. They can affect their life by adding positive energy. Yogurt can be eaten daily by the toddlers for gaining of the nutritional benefits of the toddlers. Yogurt is very much important for the health of the toddlers. It can give them the strength to the bones of the baby.

 Bones of the baby can get stronger by eating yogurt because yogurt contains calcium and magnesium. These components are very essential for the health of the toddlers. Toddlers can be healthy and active in their daily routines by taking a proper amount of yogurt. Yogurt has all the essential nutrients which make a toddler active and healthy.

Can a toddler eat yogurt everyday?

Yogurt has many benefits and it has all the natural essential dietary fibers. Yogurt has the essential vital nutrients that help the toddler to remain safe from bacterial and viral attacks. Because it has enough probiotics to boost up the immune system.

Yogurt is very helpful for the toddlers to fight against the diseases. It creates a stronger immune system for the toddlers. 

The yogurt must be in natural form. It must not contain any of the artificial sweeteners that can be harmful to the growth of the toddlers. Toddlers cannot grow effectively by eating an artificial diet. 

A toddler can take one-fourth part of the cup as his diet. The toddler who is enjoying eating of the yogurt can become stronger as other toddlers who run away from eating the yogurt. Yogurt contains all the nutrition elements that a toddler can eat and grow positively and stronger. Simply it must be an essential part of the diet of the toddler. 

Toddler who enjoys eating yogurt can also take half a cup of yogurt by leaving other food aside. Because it does not create any harmful effect on the life of toddlers. Yogurt is compulsory for toddlers at least once in a week even though your toddler is not enjoying it. 

Health benefits of eating yogurt for toddlers

A major health benefit of the yogurt is that it prevents the child from diarrhea and other allergic diseases. It contains all the essential elements that can be very much natural for the toddlers to grow in a natural way rather than by taking some artificially. 

The diet of the toddler must be planned by taking because of the demand of the body of the toddler. Toddler can be very much stronger and healthy by taking an appropriate amount of yogurt in his diet. The parents need to consider the yogurt in the diet of parents. 

You can feed that type of yogurt that your baby likes. Your yogurt can be very beneficial if your toddler uses it by enjoying it also. It will affect more to the body if he is eating willingly. The will of the toddler is very much important for the health of the toddlers.

Toddlers are much sensitive in taking their diet. Yogurt has many other benefits also such as it reduces the chances of vomiting also. It also creates the body to fight against viruses and bacteria. Few toddlers love to eat Yogurt with raw carrots.

Yogurt provides potassium, calcium and vitamin D to the toddlers. These components are important for toddlers. Yogurt has more health benefits than milk. Yogurt contains more amount of nutrients as compared to simple cow milk. Simple milk cannot be that much effective for the bones of the toddlers.

 Yogurt provides the complete strength to the bones. The bones of the baby becomes strong by eating an appropriate amount of the yogurt daily or weekly according to the demand of the toddlers. Toddlers are at a critical stage of their life. So, their diet must be properly planned. 

Is yogurt harmful for toddlers?

As the yogurt is very much helpful for the toddlers to grow by giving proteins and probiotics. It also poses some harm to the health of the toddlers. As some milkmen give growth hormones to the cow. If that hormone also comes in the milk. It will give a negative impact on the health of the toddler. If this hormone is taken in large amount by the milk can also lead to cancer in the future life of the toddlers. So one must take proper care of the diet of the toddler from this effect also.  

Yogurt also contains a huge amount of glucose and fructose. If the child has taken in a large amount. This can also increase the level of sugar in their body. It imparts a great health risk for the health of the toddler. It can also lead to obesity and other mother diseases in the body of the toddler in the growth stage of their life.

 Their life can be so much difficult to live with your single carelessness in their diet plan. So, the diet plan must be very wisely thought according to the body demands of the toddlers. 

Recipes of the yogurt for toddlers

There are so many recipes for yogurt. It is of great importance for those toddlers who don’t like yogurt and tease their parents during eating. The main purpose of these recipes is to mask the taste of the yogurt and made their look desirable and enhance their taste. 

Following are the few recipes that are used most commonly and easy to prepare:

Yogurt Pancakes

It is a very delicious and easily prepared recipe that can prepare at home within a very short time. This recipe is full of probiotic effect that has a very good effect in enhancing the immunity of the toddler.

The following are the ingredients; you can change their quantity according to the need. Vanilla half teaspoon, beaten egg one, milk one cup, frozen blueberries almost more than a half cup, yogurt almost one large full cup or more, cinnamon half teaspoon, flaxseed one teaspoon, whole floor one cup its quantity should be equal to yogurt, baking powder one teaspoon, and salt and sugar according to your taste.

These ingredients are those which are available in your kitchen. So if your child is not ready to eat yogurt go to your kitchen and prepare pancakes that may also surprise him and he will attract towards it and easily eat it.

Its preparation is also a very simple mix of all the ingredients and properly and beat them accurately so that all could be like a plain dough. Take a pan heat it and apply butter in it and put the batter in it which it carries easily and cook it for almost 5 minutes. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining batter. In this way, you can prepare the delicious pancakes at your home and you and your toddler can eat it and can become a healthy active toddler.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

You can simply make this yummy recipe at your home by following just the following steps rather than going to the ice cream parlor. The pink color of this dish is mainly due to the color of strawberry. That gives toddlers an attractive appearance and they can easily it.

You only need one cup of fresh strawberries, lemon juice, vanilla, one-fourth cup of the honey and yogurt. These are those ingredients that are easily available in the market and all have their nutritional values.

You simply have to mix all the ingredients except strawberry then add them in the frozen bowl and now add strawberry on it. Let them freeze for some time and enjoy the yummy yogurt after 30 minutes of freezing. 

This can be prepared also by other methods. In this, you can also add strawberries initially by mashing it and mixing it with all the ingredients. In this way, you also mask the strawberries and toddlers can enjoy double healthy food. It is very important for the toddler suffering from anemia or their level of iron in the blood is critically low. It is good for toddlers and adults both.

Yogurt trifle

It is very delicious and full of nutrition diet. It is good for the toddlers elder than two years. In this way, he can eat yogurt along with many fruits. It is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and all other essential nutrients.

Take the available fruit which is present in your fridge. Put those on priority list which are liked by your toddler the most. Cut that fruits in small pieces and add some quantity of sugar in it. Then add a full or half cup yogurt in it. Mix it properly and give it to your toddler. In this way, the toddler can take his proper and healthy diet. You can also add a banana for a better taste.

Yogurt with sugar

It is the most famous method that can be ready within a few seconds. It is best to give energy and strength.

Take a cup full of yogurt and add one to two tablespoon of sugar in it. Mix it properly and give this to your toddler. This method is old and conventional used since a long time ago but full of nutrition. Sugar mask the taste of yogurt and make it sweet that a toddler like it very much. You can also add mushrooms for a better taste.

Yogurt with rusk

Rusk and biscuit are liked by many toddlers. So if your toddler is not going to take yogurt make a delicious recipe to attract your toddler towards yogurt because it is very good for the toddlers.

Take a cup full of yogurt add one to two tablespoon of sugar in it. Take one rusk if rusk not available take 2 to 3 biscuits. Break them into small pieces either rusk or biscuit what you want to add then mix these small pieces in the yogurt and blend it properly. This will give you strength and energy because it has a lot of carbohydrates.

Final words

In the end, I must say this yogurt is important for toddlers. It has the main role in the growth and development of the toddler. You can give yogurt to the toddler who is six months old because it is very necessary for the growth and development of the toddler. 

After knowing it’s so many advantaged I started giving this to my toddler I saw that the growth of my toddler enhanced and his immunity boost up at a high level and he remains healthy and active than other toddlers of his age. So start giving your toddler a healthy diet for it’s the best growth and development.

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