Can a toddler learn two languages at once?

Toddlers in the initial days just intimate others and learn what they say and what they do. More toddlers learn two languages as compared to those who learn a single language. Toddler can easily learn its mother language. But the difficulty is when the toddler has to learn two languages at once its mother language and the language of the area where he lives.

Toddler can easily learn two languages at once. It is proved by research that a toddler who is learning two languages at once don’t need any extra brain effort as compared to the toddler who is learning only one language at a time.

Can a toddler learn two languages at once? Yes, toddlers can learn two languages at once. Toddlers feel easy to learn two languages at once without posing any difficulty to them at large. To learn both languages toddlers have to hear both languages then he can easily learn about both of them.

It is also a fact that has revealed by the researchers that if the toddler just learn one language at the start, he or she become more specialist in that particular language. If the toddler has learned only one language at the start till one year of birth and starts to learn the second one after the age of one year.

Then that toddler can become more efficient in speaking two languages at the starting of his life. Bilingual babies show the same brain efforts as compared to monolingual kids. There is no main difference between these two types of kids in learning new things. 

Can a toddler learn two languages at once?

Toddlers can learn two languages from different sources and they have a lot of information about both languages and they are much sharper and active than other ones. Many myths are there that stop you to teach your toddler two languages. But it is just a myth no need to take it seriously and teach your toddler what you want. 

Learning of language initiates form the first day he takes birth. Toddlers who learn two languages at once say their first word late as compared to those toddlers who just learn on language. Toddlers start saying their first word from the age of 8 to 15 months. If parents try to teach two languages at once toddlers start saying their first word from the age of 11 months.

Bilingual acquisition can be done by two ways;

Simultaneous acquisition:

This procurement happens when the toddler begins learning the two languages before the beginning of over two years of his age. Youngsters who are learning two dialects without a moment’s delay can make a legitimate learning sense for the toddler.

Since it can generally influence the cerebrum of the toddler. The two kinds of toddlers experience a similar learning stage since it requires no additional exertion from the toddler to do as such. So toddlers who are having synchronous procurement can undoubtedly change their dialects while conversing with somebody.

Sequential acquisition:

The consecutive securing doesn’t give that benefits as concurrent learning gives them. It is a procedure where a toddler begins learning of the second language after getting great information on one language. It happens commonly after the age of three years for toddlers. It by and large happens when children learn one language in their homes and attempt to become familiar with another when heading off to their schools. 

This condition can likewise happen when the circumstance comes to relocate starting with one nation then onto the next for any reason. So these sorts of circumstances can be handled by consecutive obtaining. This sort of procurement generally influences the infants and they face a ton of issues in learning the subsequent language. 

These issues can be: toddlers stay quiet toward the beginning when figuring out how to the language and it represents an extraordinary risk to the learning capacities of the toddlers. Besides, they will begin utilizing short and scare sentences at the very beginning of their talking. It won’t give the correct portrayal of the words in the psyches of the infant. 

Thirdly, he will begin to create his sentences with no retaining capacity later on. Along these lines, the concurrent securing is far superior to the successive one. Since it makes plenty of issues for infants. So one should attempt to give synchronous figuring out how to one’s toddler.

Steps to make your toddler bilingual

Toddlers can learn two languages at once without any special efforts. Following are the various steps that make a toddler bilingual: 

Toddlers learn from elders

Toddler learn speaking from hearing. He can learn that language more easily which he hears more. Learning of language completely depends upon hearing of language. People around the toddler continue their conversation in the native language that’s it is much easy for him to learn that language.


When the toddler able to learn to give him some books from which he study the initial alphabets of language which you want to teach him; it can be one or more than one. Books can be used to learn two languages at the very start of the age.

Different books that have colorful pictures along with alphabets are very helpful for the toddler to learn both the languages. You have to clearly explain the language slowly and with full attention.


Singing and hearing songs in two languages could be a very useful tool to teach two languages to the toddler. He can also be allowed to listen to songs in different languages to increase their understanding of the languages. Provide him CDs of rhymes that can be very helpful for the toddler to learn language because toddler enjoy this learning style also.

TV and videos:

TV programs are available in a wide range for the children at every medium. These programs can be used to learn multi-languages by the children there. This is a very effective medium to learn two languages at the very start. Toddlers saw a cartoon of their choice to learn language. Provide him CDs and play the station on the TV of the cartoon so that toddlers can take an interest in that and learn that language.

Language Programs:

Youngsters can likewise go to bilingual meetings at the schools to learn various dialects there. It can likewise be powerful to gain proficiency with a language totally for a kid. Toddler can gain from here a lot that can be helpful for him to learn the language of any type.

Conversing with your youngster in numerous dialects and unexpected change in a kid’s standard can cause very worry right now. You can likewise influence the circumstance by appropriately setting the calendar of your kid. A toddler’s standard must not impact appropriately because of the learning of the two dialects.

Playing with other toddlers:

Playing with other toddlers also very helpful to learn the language. Toddler can gain a lot by playing with others. It can boost up the stamina of the toddler and make him fresh. This method is the fastest one for the toddler to learn any type of language. Toddlers make many friends by learning the language. 

Benefits of bilingualism in toddlers

There are so many benefits of learning two languages at a single time. It is a convention in a world to learn two dialects by the toddler of early age. It could be anything but an exemption for the youngsters to learn two dialects by any stretch of the imagination.

Bilingualism has numerous advantages for toddlers to gain proficiency with a ton of information by a decent variety of the dialects they learn at an early age. It improves the correct working of the cerebrum and it can likewise impact the learning of the kids. 

Learning two languages is very helpful to make the mind sharp and active. It boosts up the brainpower and make the toddler healthy and active.

The first language of the toddler is better and improved than the other. It also helps to enhance the ability of multi-tasking and his decision-making ability is also better than the toddler who learns a single language. 

The academic performance of the toddler who knows two languages at once is far better than those who learn a single language. So, the two languages are very good for the betterment of the toddlers.

Myths About Bilingualism

Many myths are prevailing in the society relating to the bilingual kids. Myths are somehow presenting no sense in reality. Because people don’t try to do any research in this regard. 

Myths are generally about the capabilities of the children that they don’t understand early. The children abilities remain the same in the due course of action. But research prevails that the bilingual kids learn more easily as compared to monolingual kids. 

Another important myth that confuses the parents is that the bilingualism creates the speech delays in the kids. It does not make any sense in this regard. Speech efficiency of kids better through the bilingualism.  

From the above discussion, it is cleared that the two languages are very good for the toddlers. It makes the toddler active and sharps their mind. Toddlers who learn two languages say their first word late as compared to those who learn a single language. 

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