How to Deal With a Toddler with Autism?

How to Deal With a Toddler with Autism?

How to Deal With a Toddler with Autism?

The autism is a disorder that affects the development of the central nervous system, and it affects the emotions, memory, behavior, and self-control of a toddler. The symptoms of autism frequently appear at the age of toddlers. The parents always ask too many questions when they are having trouble with their toddlers with autism.

Toddlers with autism are susceptible, and they become angry or frustrated due to their abnormal mental condition. You can only diagnose autism in your toddler by observing the behavior of your toddler. The physical structure of your toddler, who has autism, is not different from healthy toddlers.

According to Dr. Qaisrani, you should carefully deal with a toddler with autism. Here are a few ways to properly manage and deal with your toddler:

  • Social interaction
  • Speech therapy
  • Schedule
  • Treatment plan
  • Friendly environment
  • Proper diet

Your toddler can show repetitive behavior and can face difficulty in communication, compulsive behavior, and social interaction. Your toddler might avoid making eye contact with people. Your toddler may be very good at putting puzzles together, but they may have trouble with social activities like talking or making friends. Your toddler might show speech delay due to autism.

How to Deal With a Toddler with Autism?

The behavior of your toddler might include hand flapping, spinning, staring at something due to autism. The effects of autism in your toddler may move from mild to severe. Your toddler may have a different way of playing due to autism.

For example, your toddler put the toys in a particular way and do not want somebody else to touch the toys. Your toddler may have sensory issues, for example, your toddler might like to smell his favorite things, or he rubs his cheeks against a fabric. It is a variation of stereotypic behavior; your toddler wants to be alone and does not want to make friends.


Your toddler may face trouble in sharing feelings and interests, and he may avoid touching due to autism. Your toddler has autism due to genetic disorders, genetic mutation, and environmental influence. The autism in your toddler will increase as the age of your toddler will increase, but there are various treatments and therapies for your toddler.

Your toddler could be very picky in selecting items of food and autism could affect your toddler’s habits of eating. The autism may cause other health problems in your toddler, such as malnutrition, weight loss, and insufficient growth. Your toddler may have no sense of eating food due to autism, and they may not like healthy food, for example, your toddler can eat soap, parts of toys, and garbage.

Social interaction

Your toddler with autism faces difficulty to interact with people because your toddler is weak at social skills. Social skills are essential for every toddler and adult. The social skills can teach your toddler how to interact with people in a society, and social skills increase confidence in your toddlers.

Your toddler with autism can face these problems due to a lack of social skills. Your toddler wants to be alone and does not like to make friends. Your toddler does not know how to manage emotions and does not understand the feelings of other people. Your toddler may face a lack of confidence due to a lack of social skills.

Your toddler may not like gathering or loud sounds because he does not interact with people. When you want to talk to your toddler, he may become angry and do not want to be in your company. Your toddler does not respond to you when you call his/her name.

To get rid of these problems, you should improve the social skills of your toddler. The social skills would enhance the confidence in your toddler. The aggression, frustration in your toddler’s nature would decrease by improving social skills. You should take your toddler to the parks and let them play with other typical toddlers, and this would enhance the language and cognitive abilities of your toddler.

Speech therapy

The speech therapy is very beneficial for your toddler with autism. Your toddler may face difficulty in communicating with others due to neurodevelopment disorder. You may not understand the language of your toddler due to the lack of communication skills. Due to autism, your autism may produce humming sound, harsh sounds.

Your toddler has a lack of communication skills due to less social interaction. When your toddler wants to talk to you, but he does not know how to communicate. He may become angry and start throwing things and may hit you. The autism produces stress, frustration, and anger in your toddler, and due to lack of vocabulary, the anger, frustration, and fear may arise in your toddler.

The solution to this problem is that you should show colorful picture books to your toddler. For example, teach your toddler the identification of things such as animals, birds, vegetables. The speech would improve social, nonverbal, and verbal communication. Speech therapy would improve the mental and physical condition of your toddler.

The speech therapy would make the sound of your toddler clear, strengthen your toddler’s jaw and muscles. Your toddler would respond fast when you call his name. Your toddler would also make eye contact with people.

Maintain a Proper Schedule

The proper schedule for your toddler with autism is vital. Your toddler may have a different routine as compared to other healthy toddlers. The problem that you face is that your toddler does not have a proper schedule.

Your toddler might like to play, sleep, and eat every time. You should make a proper schedule for your toddler that would make you happy. Fix a time for eating food for your toddler and also fix a time for sleeping and playing. Play that games with your toddler that he/she likes the most that make your toddler fun and smile.

This would remove frustration and aggression in your toddler because the schedule would not make your toddler bored and tired. The repetitive behavior of your toddler would improve due to a proper plan. You should stick to a schedule to making an appropriate routine for your toddler. Don’t skip that schedule; it would produce a disturbance in your toddler’s behavior.

Treatment plan for toddler with autism

You are a better doctor or therapist of your toddler. Your toddler is mentally weak due to the adverse effects of autism. You might don’t know about the weaknesses, interests of your toddler. You might not spend time with your toddler, and you might become unaware of your toddler’s behavior.

You should spend a lot of time with your toddler and observe the strengths, likes, dislikes of your toddler. Then, make a treatment plan for your toddler to reduce the effects of autism. Make a list of weaknesses and strengths of your toddler.

 Find out the ways by which your toddler learns the best such as listening or seeing. Find activities that your toddler enjoys a lot.  You should take help from family or individual counseling and government facilities for your toddler.

Friendly environment

Your toddler, who has autism, might not like to make friends and wants to be alone. Your toddler may not have the interest to build a company. The problems that your toddler would face may include your harsh behavior. Don’t behave harshly with your toddler; this will produce aggression, frustration, and stress in your toddler.

You should provide a friendly and secure environment for your toddler that would decrease anger in your toddler. You should talk with your toddler like a friend and offer your toddler privacy where he/she feels relax and calm.

The friendly environment would decrease the harmful effect of sensual differences, and it would increase the optimistic outcomes. Your toddler, who has autism, might not like some colors or sounds. Therefore, provide a calm and peaceful environment to your toddler that he/she likes the most.

Proper diet

The proper diet is essential for your toddler. Your toddler might not like to eat nutritious food due to autism. The problem is that your toddler wants to eat crunchy and colorful foods. Your toddler may be sensitive to the consistency, fragrance, taste, and color of food. Your toddler may become angry when he/she dislikes the food given by you.

 The gastrointestinal issues caused due to dairy products take care of your toddler because this issue may increase due to these products. Your toddler might dislike some food items and an entire group of food.

Your toddler does not like fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. Your toddler might want to eat specific colors of food like pasta, cake, and other dairy products. Your toddler might have a low weight due to a lack of nutritious food.

You should give your toddler a proper diet. Give your child nutritious food that contains proteins, carbohydrates like yogurt, peas, banana. Therefore, provide an appropriate diet to your toddler to decrease the effect of autism.

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