How to Make my Toddler Brush his Teeth?

How to Make my Toddler Brush his Teeth?

How to Make my Toddler Brush his Teeth?

Children between the age of 1 to 3 years are known as Toddlers. Brushing teethes of the toddler is a very challenging method. The reason behind these techniques are for two years, mother or parents do the teeth brushing for the toddlers. But in these two years, the toddler has learned the way of cleaning.

In this article, I have explained the best and proven methods to make your Toddler brush his teeth.

These methods are effortless, and you will never get tired of these. These techniques are, allow your toddler to choose the brush and other supplies, method of taking turns, technique of doing brush with your toddler, use a process of buying a spin, use an ally technique, stand in front of the mirror with him.

The toddler has seen you that how you wet the brush, how you put the toothpaste on the brush, and then how to step by step or in moving directions you do the brushing. For this process, the usage of different techniques and methods can use. 

Now the toddler wants his or her turn. Now there is a need for telling the toddler the way of brushing the pearly white in the right direction. As you as a parent are very concern about the toddler, and now you want that, he or she must do the brushing carefully and adequately. For the interest of teaching the toddler, the method of brushing their teeth.

How to Make my Toddler Brush his Teeth?

One of the most common questions that I receive at the clinic is about toddlers and their activities. Parents are always concerned about the health and hygiene of their toddlers. Parents want to make their toddlers brush teeth daily. Now, this can be a difficult task for first-time parents to make their toddler brush his teeth. 

This is a detailed guide where I have explained 7 of these easy methods that will help your toddlers learn to brush his teeth.

Let us get into the details of today’s topic:

Allow your toddler to choose the toothbrush and other supplies

In this technique, the method is so easy. You just need to make the whole brushing event attractive. It should be a quality, reliable way. For this technique, you just need to take your toddler to the market or the superstore. At the store, permit the toddler to choose his or her brush. Brushes with various colors and some car tonic characters on it make the toddler excited about brushing.

Maybe this kind of brushes will not attract you, but it will attract the toddler much. And due to the appearance, he or she will insist on using it as soon as possible. Every morning the cartoonish character on the toddler brush will attract the toddler so much.

Besides, allow the toddler to choose the toothpaste as well. The flavors of the toddler’s choice will make the toddler excited about the toothpaste. Here you need to make sure that there is an appropriate amount of fluorides in the toothpaste, because too many fluorides may cause fluorosis to the toddlers.

Give your Toddler sometime before he starts brushing his teeth

Here in this method, you should not keep your expectations low. The toddler is in the learning process. He or she is learning the procedure of brushing and using toothpaste. The toddle is not able to clean the crevices of the teeth. The sides and fronts of the jaw, these starting positions, and methods are initial lessons of learning.

As a parent, you need to understand that the toddler is only excited, but he or she is not training. You must pay extra attention when the toddler is doing the brushing. You just need to guide a toddler about the process of brushing. The more he or she will learn to do the brushing. The more he will get to know the way of cleaning. The more practice will make the toddle more fluent and competent in brushing.

Take turns with your Toddler while he brushes his teeth

This method is useful, and it will give your toddler an excellent practice for the toddler. For this purpose, you need to take turns brushing with your toddler. Allow him or her to do cleaning in the morning time. Stand near the toddler and let them clean. If you find that the toddler is not doing brushing in the right way. Then you should adapt the turn method of teeth brushing.

Teach the toddler in the morning or give some instructions. And in the evening, take your turn and then clean the teeth of the toddler in a proper way. During this evening session, teach the toddler the steps of brushing. Clean his or her teeth in your customary way.

This a.m. and p.m. will change the mindset of the toddler. He or she will not get stubborn, and this turns the method will add to his routine. The toddler will understand that once you will do the brushing, and the next will be his turn. This technique is an effective way of giving lessons regarding brushing.

Join in brushing with him

This method is perfect for toddlers. It gives them a sense of excitement. The toddlers understand that they can follow the same procedure as you are doing. The toddlers mostly follow the actions and doings of their parents. This teeth brushing is a learning procedure. Toddlers’ remains excited to learn everything new. They enjoy the session of cleaning.

The simplest way is that when the toddler brushes his or her teeth, just join with the toddler. During the whole brushing time, make sure that you are teaching the steps to the toddler.

Use some camaraderie, this is a method of loyalty and friendship. This welcoming feeling will help to make the session more exciting for the toddler. It will prolong the meeting, and for a longer time, the toddler will clean the teeth. This method will help to clean and wash the teeth properly because it is nearly impossible to brush every tooth individually.

Use a Spin Toothbrush for your Toddler

The toddler enjoys the activity if the activities are exciting for them. The toddler makes everything a game for them. For solving this kind of problem, you should buy a battery-powered spin toothbrush. This technique will work automatically. Some have musical sounds inside.

This sound may play until two minutes, and for these two minutes, the toddler will keep brushing. This method is very reliable and competent. Most of the time, the technique gives entertainment to the toddler, gives them a spirit, to do cleaning over and again, and mostly on time.

Whenever you talk about teeth brushing to the toddler, he or she will think about that spin brush. This brush will excite the toddler for a brushing session. Through this, you will get the toddler to do brushing for your expected time. This electric brush is handy for the toddler and the same as for you.

This machine should be colorful. It must have a carbonic character on it; the sound should be for the kids. It should be beautiful to hear and should be melodious. This method is very reliable and competent.

Use an ally method to make your Toddler Brush his Teeth

This method is fantastic for toddlers, as all the toddlers love appreciation and praise. You should bring your toddler to a dentist and should ask the dentist to praise and motivate the toddler about brushing. This technique will help the toddler in cleaning the teeth regularly.

When the toddler gets the praise from a white coat person, he or she will feel the authenticity of the brushing. He or she will follow the instructions of the dentist accurately. This way will teach the toddler the brushing technique, and soon he will learn the brushing routine.

Dr. Qaisrani Tips to help your toddler learn to brush his teeth

Doing brushing alone is a very tedious process for toddlers. If you as a parent will leave your kid alone in front of the mirror and will tell him to do the brushing alone. The toddler will be annoying, and he or she will get him or herself busy in some other activity rather than brushing.

To solve this problem, you should stand with the toddler in front of the mirror. You should show the gestures of brushing the teeth of the toddler and should make sure that your presence is there always. This technique will give a sense of confidence, and he or she will do the brushing the right way.

When the toddler performs all the steps in the right way according to your instructions and guidance, then you should praise the toddler for the effort. The appreciation for teeth brushing will give the toddler a sense of confidence and self-worth. For the sake of attaining that appreciation, the toddler will do the brushing on all the times when you will want them to do that. Soon this brushing habit will add to the routine of your toddler.

Dr. Qaisrani

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