How to Make Newborn Baby Hiccups Go Away?

How to Make Newborn Baby Hiccups Go Away?

How to Make Newborn Baby Hiccups Go Away?

Hiccups in babies usually occur by a small contraction of the diaphragm of the baby. Here a decrease of the vocal cords also occurs. Rapid closure of vocal cords causes hiccups. Hiccups are an activity or experience which can happen to anyone, either it’s an adult or a baby.

In adult’s hiccups is a discomfort which can occur for a while. With a small amount of water, the adult can get over hiccups. But as far as a newborn baby is concerned, the process of hiccups becomes complicated. The baby receives uncomfortable and annoying. As the baby doesn’t know what to do during hiccups, the baby starts crying.

According to Dr. Qaisrani, you can make your newborn baby hiccups go away by burping the baby properly, usage of a pacifier, use of gripe water, Calm the baby before feeding, No substantial activity after feeding, monitoring of hiccups, Checking bottle of baby, give the baby a toy to divert attention from hiccups, and taking the baby to a walk.

Hiccupping is a very new procedure even before the birth of the baby. The baby spends more than 2.5 percent of their time. With the growth of the baby, the process of hiccups delays down. It is a reflex action, and it is involuntary. As sneezing and coughing, the hiccups cannot be prevented or stopped.

How to Make Newborn Baby Hiccups Go Away?

Some doctors believe that hiccups occur due to blockage of the esophagus, or irritation of the esophageal part. Some of the pediatrician says the due to the curd particles of milk and hiccups occurs when the curd particles go back to the esophagus.

Some of the theories say that hiccups in babies are for a specific purpose. The excess of the air can release from the stomach of the baby through hiccups. Sometimes hiccups help in the digestion of feed as the process of hiccups is very uncomfortable. Mostly newborn babies start crying during the hiccups.

Burp the baby properly to get rid of hiccups in newborn

Give burping the baby properly after feeding is one of the most effective and reliable ways of avoiding hiccups. Theories say that if the baby is taking feed through milk bottles. Then you should take the baby to a position of a burp after feeding. After every two to three ounces of baby milk, feed allows the baby to burp. This proper burping can avoid hiccups.

If otherwise, the baby gets hiccups. Just take the baby in the upright position and then slightly rub your hand on the back of the baby. Here the critical tip is that does not tap the end of the baby. Slightly rub the back, and the baby will stop hiccupping soon. Do not slap or hit the back of the baby inappropriately or harshly. Burping is always beneficial for stopping hiccups in newborn babies.

 Use a pacifier to avoid hiccups in newborns

The use of a pacifier for a baby is one of the most intelligent ways of avoiding hiccups. Sometimes hiccups dose not stars with or after the feed. The baby frequently starts hiccupping without even milk feed. In such cases, use a pacifier. It can also be solved by playing loud music around your baby.

Allow the baby to suck the pacifier. You should go to the market for a baby store and buy a small and soft pacifier for the baby. Give this little toy to the baby during hiccups. With continuous sucking, the baby will get rid of hiccups. This method is safe and effective for the newborns and infants to get rid of hiccups. These hiccups are not related to feeding, and they only occur during the other times.

Allow the baby to stop on his/her own

Sometimes the hiccups hinder the routine and comfort of the baby. This hiccup is the sign that as a parent, you have to interfere during the hiccupping of the newborn. But in some cases, the hiccups stop on their own. In this, you don’t need to worry about the hiccups. As far as the hiccupping is not bothering the baby, there is no need to interfere and no worries. You should not adopt any kind of trick while hiccupping of the newborn.

If the hiccups don’t stop and the baby starts feeling uncomfortable, then you should take care of why the baby is not staying. You should consult the Pediatrician in such cases because non-stop hiccupping can be a severe problem.

Use of gripe water in newborns to stop hiccups

If the baby seems to be uncomfortable and due to hiccups he or she is crying, then this problem is very anxious for the parents. Due to hiccupping, the baby gets irritated, and he or she starts producing a sound of hiccupping.

To solve this problem, you should use grip water. Gripe water is a combination of water and some herbs. These herbs can help to avoid the hiccups, and they prevent the newborn from some other intestinal problems. This method is widely used by mothers to stop hiccups in newborn babies.

These herbs in it can vary in different products. Every company has its herbal gripe water; these herbs are safe and effective. It contains fennel, ginger, chamomile, and cinnamon. You can feed one to two teaspoons of the gripe water to the baby .Give the gripe water through the feed bottle of the newborn. One of the most important tip here is that do not give anything new to the baby before taking the permission of the doctor of baby.

Calm the baby before feeding to avoid hiccups

Make sure that the baby is in a calm and composed state before feeding the baby. The body posture of the baby should be in such a position that the stomach of the baby is not press. This calming doesn’t mean that you should not feed the baby for the longest time.

It only means that wait till the baby gets comfortable. Then feed the baby. Otherwise, the newborn will start hiccups. This hiccupping will irritate, and the baby will cry.

Avoid substantial activity after feeding

If you take the baby to a position of substantial activity right after feeding, then the newborn will start hiccupping. This process will be so uncomfortable for the baby that he or she will start crying. These substantial activities may include bouncing up or putting the baby in a downward direction for playing.

This process will cause a burden on the stomach of the baby, and the newborn will start hiccupping. You must keep the baby in an upright straight position for twenty to thirty minutes. It’s your choice whether you want to put the baby in the lap or on baby bed for this duration. This is always helpful to stop hiccups in newborn babies.

Monitoring of hiccups

Monitoring of the hiccups may help avoid the process of hiccupping in newborns. This monitoring means that you should see that when the baby is hiccupping. As if the baby is hiccupping right after the feed or the baby is hiccupping when you put him in a particular position.

According to these positions, you should monitor and understand that in which condition the baby hiccups. Then you should avoid those positions and should not feed the newborn in that specific direction of their body.

Check the bottle of the baby

The feed bottles play a vital role in the process id hiccupping. Because some bottles designed that way that they trap more air than the other containers. This trapped air goes inside the stomach of the newborn through the milk feed, which causes hiccups.

To avoid the problem, you should check the design of the bottle. You should replace the cylinder with various models and brands. This precaution will resolve the issue of trapping the air in the bottle and reduces the hiccups of the newborn.

Give the newborn a toy to divert attention

Diverting the attention of the newborn is one of the most effective ways to avoid hiccups. For this purpose, give the newborn a toy or small piece of care to play. The newborn will play with the toy. This method will divert his or her attention from the hiccups.

Moreover, if he or she is crying due to hiccups, the baby will stop doing that. This process is a safe and reliable way of avoiding hiccups in newborns.

Dr. Qaisrani Tips to Stop Hiccups in Newborn Baby

If the baby is hiccupping continuously, then it may be occurring due to the same position may be. Here the need is that you should change the location of the baby. By changing the situation means that you just hold the baby and give the newborn a walk. This walk can be short.

You can walk with the newborn in the room or the backyard. Slightly rub your hand on the back of the baby. Do not tap or slap on the back. By rubbing the end, the baby will feel comfortable and will stop hiccupping soon.

Sometimes due to continuous hiccups, the baby starts feeling uncomfortable. Due to hiccups, the newborn generates a Gerd. This GERD is an acid reflex which is harmful for the stomach of the baby. Due to this acidity in the newborn’s stomach. The baby starts vomiting. To solve this problem, you should take the newborn to the Pediatrician.

The doctor of the newborn will help you to find out the problem, which is causing hiccups. Moreover, the pediatrician will guide you about the process of avoiding hiccups in a newborn. This method is a very reliable method of preventing hiccups in newborns.

You can always ask your questions in the comment section below and I will answer them in detail.

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