How to Make Your Child Grow Tall?

How to Make Your Child Grow Tall?

How to Make Your Child Grow Tall?

Every human is different and we grow at a different rate. Growing depends on a variety of different factors, most common are a family history and your dietary habits. Good and quality nutrition plays an important role in the growth of the kids.

The nutritional adjustment can enhance and make your child grow tall fast from other kids of his age.

At, clinic, I receive many parents on a daily basis, who are concerned about their child growth. Parents want to know everything related to their child growth and I always love to explain things to my patients.

You can make your child grow tall by:

  • Proper nutrition that includes fruits, milk, and vegetables.
  • Proper sleep.
  • Good physical activity including Yoga and Stretching.

How to Make Your Child Grow Tall?

In this article, I have explained in detail different methods that will help your child grow tall and stay healthy. I always recommend parents to look for organic foods and nutrients. You can also use medicines and hormones for this, but the first thing is to take care of nutritional deficiencies.

All the methods mentioned in this article are proven and hundreds and thousands of my patients have tried these successfully.

Healthy Eating Attitude:

Now, this is a must, if you want your child to grow tall fast. We get all of our energy from the foods that we consume on a daily basis. If your child is not consuming quality nutrition, he may not grow tall fast.

By eating healthy and nutritious, I did not mean that you keep your child eating bread or candies. There are essential vitamins and minerals that your child should be using.

In this part of the article, I will explain in detail about different foods that your child must be used to grow tall faster.

Having a proper breakfast is a must, followed by lunch and dinner. Now, you should be adding a variety of foods for your child to eat. Different foods have different vitamins and mineral that help in child growth.

Look for your child favorite foods and then use them in his diet. Making a diet plan or schedule is recommended for kids. If your child is a school going kid than it is recommended that he must take a lunch box with him.


adding fruits in diet is a must. Fruits are filled with nutrients and minerals that help children to grow fast and taller. There is a vast variety of fruits, check what your kids like and go for it.


Vegetables play an important role in the growth of any child. Normally, kids avoid vegetables, however, you can cook as per their demands. Add some flavor and also add a reward when your child eats healthy foods.


Milk is a blessing for us. This single food item can bring your child good health with improved growth. Many kids do not like milk flavor, you can add their favorite flavor and they will be good to drink.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water during the day will keep your body stay hydrated. Just like any other food, water is essential for our growth and survival. I recommend every patient to make a habit of drinking water.

Water is required for every function that our body performs. Similarly, water is required for energy production that is used for the child’s growth. If your child has good physical activity, then you should give more water to him.

In summer, when kids play outdoors, drinking water during the play is a good habit. You should train your child to keep drinking water during the physical activity or any game that he is playing.

Drinking fruits rich in water are also good and recommended.

Look after your child eating behavior:

If your child is attracted to spicy and unhealthy foods, you must take action. Unhealthy foods include fast foods, toffies, candies, juices and foods at roadside stalls.

Often, kids like to eat chips or burgers, you can replace it with a bowl full of salad. Now, for this, you may have to do a little effort. Believe me, this will bring many benefits for your child health and you will notice a rapid increase in his growth.

Last year, at clinic, we did research and observed children eating habits. We selected 200 patients and out of these 100 patients were given recommended nutrition and they were observed every week.

The other 100 children continue their normal eating routine. It was amazing to see that the children who were eating healthy and as per recommendations, they grew taller fast compared to the other group. I have posted a detailed article on that research and is available here.

Children should avoid drinking carbonated drinks and juices. Instead, you should replace these with fresh juices. Never force-feed your child, always go slow and steady. Just like any other hobby or addiction, your child needs time. Every day add something new and look for foods that he enjoys eating.

Get involved with children while they are eating:

Now, this is the most important part of this article. Get involved with your kids when they are eating. Eat with them, have fun and help them grow fast taller. I always tell all the parents who are concerned about their kid’s growth to eat with them.

This method has single-handedly helped many parents. Bet me for this, just go and try this and eat foods with your children. This not only helps them grow fast but it enhances the mother and child bond.

Go food shopping with your kids, let them decide what they want to eat. Now, you should be careful in this, do not take your child to fast food restaurants, etc. Go fruits shopping with them, make juices and soups. Adding a touch of vegetable in the diet will increase the flavor.

Focus on Vitamins

Whenever you plan to make any meal for your child, think about the vitamins that can be included in that meal. Always select vitamin-rich foods and go for organic foods which are healthy and beneficial for children.

It is recommended that your child must always have food that is rich in minerals and vitamins for his better growth.

Stay Active

Now giving your child quality food can not alone help your child to grow fast and taller. Adding physical activity on a regular basis is essential. This not only helps your child growth but your child will be more focused and energetic.

You should play with your kids and teach them different activities for daily routine. Nowadays, kids are more attracted to video games and indoor activities. Your child should be more focused on outdoor games and activities.

Doing exercises or playing outdoor games will help to strengthen bones and muscles. There is a tradition in many countries where kids hang to the pole for getting taller. This follows the same concept which I just explained.

Going for a walk daily with your child is a healthy activity. You can even play football or basketball with your kids or anything they want. All of these activities are beneficial and can make your child grow fast and taller than other kids.

If you live in a society where there are gaming associations for kids. Go and let your kids join these gaming activities. This will not only help them in their growth but it will make them have new friends. Having a good and friendly environment will make your kids have a better day while they play and exercise.

Doing regular stretching:

Now, this is amazing. When kids play, it may make them feel tired. Going for a stretching exercise before and after the sports activity is beneficial for your child growth. You do not need any special equipment for this, you can guide your kids to stretch against the wall and in the playground.

While doing the stretch, you must supervise your child, go slow and steady. Do not over-stretch or it can damage the muscles and bones. I would suggest to do the stretching yourself first and then guide your child. In this way, you will know the exact force and duration required for the stretching.

Hold the stretch for 1-2 seconds in the start and never force yourself in the stretching.

Doing Yoga also helps the child grow fast and taller:

Now that you and your child is familiar with the stretching exercises. It is time to start doing Yoga on a regular schedule. Best is to make your child join any Yoda class in your neighborhood or you can teach them.

Do not worry, if you are not a Yoga expert. There are different online courses that you can buy and then learn the basic Yoga that you can also teach to your kids. Yoga has been found beneficial in helping your kids grow tall and fast. Yoga works in the same way as that of stretching, but it is a more effective and healthy activity. Tips 

I will suggest all parents read this carefully and focus on implementing these tips for your child growth:

Never let your child go to school without breakfast. make your child get up early, and he will have plenty of time for breakfast. Try adding eggs and fruits in the vegetables.

A good lunch filled with nutrition is a must. You should access your kids favorite foods and try adding them in the lunchbox. Always keep changing foods, do not stick to one food items.

Drinking milk is beneficial and I have already explained the benefits of milk in the growth of any child. I recommend using milk products for your kid’s food. You can use Yogurt, custard, pudding, cereals with milk or any milk product that is liked by your child.

Adding fruits that are rich in Iron and Zinc will also help boost the growth of your child. You can make your kids eat the fruit or make a juice out of it.

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