How to Remove Earwax from Toddler Ear?

How to Remove Earwax from Toddler Ear?

How to Remove Earwax from Toddler Ear?

Ear wax is also called cerumen in medical terms. The ear wax varies in color from yellowish orange to brown. This wax is produced in the outer ear canal by the sebaceous gland and sweat gland. In humans, the ear wax has essential functions of protecting the skin of air against bacterial and fungal infections. 

In this article, we have added 10 best and proven methods for removing ear wax from your toddler’s ear.

In toddlers, ear wax also carries out all the foreign particles who have gained entry in-ear of toddlers. In toddlers, there is an increased production of ear wax than others, which is visible in the eardrum of toddlers.

This ear wax is soft, but, if not removed from ears are hardened and clogged ears. This excess cerumen production in toddlers sometimes causes the appearance of some undesirable symptoms like itching in ears to ear pain or sometimes difficulty in hearing.

How to Remove Earwax from Toddler Ear?

The ear wax needs to be removed from the ears of toddlers to avoid all these symptoms. There are many techniques used by Pediatricians or ENT specialists to remove this excess ear wax in the ears of toddlers. In this article, we will discuss some of the essential techniques to remove ear wax from the ears of toddlers.

Here are some of the procedures to remove ear wax from the ears of toddlers.

Removing ear wax manually

Manually removing ear wax from the ears of toddlers is one of the most extensively used methods by pediatricians. In this method, the pediatrician uses different tools for removing cerumen from ears.

These methods are also used often because sometimes wax softener or irrigation is not feasible for babies because they have perforated ear canals. These methods are also easy to use and are not as messy as irrigation.

Removing wax using suction

A pediatrician does ear wax removal through suction. This procedure is done by an instrument made of steel attached to a suction wand. This instrument is carefully inserted into the ears of toddlers by pediatricians. This instrument effectively sucks the wax from ears. This procedure creates a vacuum in the ears and causes the wax to come out of air.

Micro suction is an advanced technique of ear wax removal in which a micro camera is fitted with an instrument to monitor the inner ears of toddlers. This procedure is the safest simplest and does not cause any further damage to the ears of babies.

Removing wax via a curette

Curette also called ear picks or ear scoop. A curette is a tool with a broad, smooth side. The curette scrapes off all the ear wax from ears. Sometimes pediatricians use some wax softener that softens the wax, and it is quickly scooped out of the ears. Ear picks are available in a variety of styles for babies.

Rubber ball syringe to remove ear wax

Rubber ball syringes are also used to remove wax from the ears of toddlers. The syringes are filled with warm water and a gentle stream of water I poured into the ears of toddlers. This water drains all the wax from ears. These syringes are used with extreme caution; otherwise, they can puncture the eardrum.

Saline Water irrigation

Water irrigation uses saline waters to remove ear wax. Firstly pediatricians place some drops of saline water in ears. This saline water softens the wax in the ears. Then a syringe filled with normal saline is directed into the ear that drains all the excess wax from ears.

Water irrigation should be done only by a health practitioner. The irrigation process should be avoided if there is infection or perforation in the eardrum. This process should be repeated, as recommended by professionals.

Application of wax softener

Application of wax softening substances is another effective method for removing ear wax from the ears of toddlers. These wax softening substances are either water-based or oil-based. These agents are commonly found over the counter. These wax softening agents are easy to find and are also economical. They are available in the form of ear drops in the market.

Use Hydrogen peroxide to remove earwax from toddler’s ear

Hydrogen peroxide is so effective in removing ear wax in toddlers. This agent is found in most over the counter wax softening ear drops. For removing ear wax from the ears of toddlers, a 3% diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide is used.

Hydrogen peroxide is used cautiously to remove excess ear wax from the ears of toddlers. Firstly lay down the baby on one side and pour drops of hydrogen peroxide as recommended by pediatrician in baby ears. Then wait for 5 minutes. It effectively softens the wax and pushes it out of the ears. You can repeat this procedure as per the instruction of your pediatrician.


Glycerin is another wax softening agent easily available over the counter. Same as hydrogen peroxide, it also softens the ear wax when poured in an appropriate amount in the ears of toddlers. Then ultimately draining all the nasty wax from ears.

Mineral oils

ENT specialists also recommend mineral oils like olive oils and baby oils commonly available in the market for effective wax softening and drainage of wax out of the ears in toddlers.

Ear wax removing kits

Ear wax removing kits are a set of instruments used by pediatrician and ENT specialists to remove all the excess wax from the ears of toddlers. These kits are available in great variety, and all kits vary in a number of pieces of instruments. These kits also contain an otoscope to illuminate the ear to visualize the wax in ears.

Ear wax removing kits contains following tools


Curettes are steel tools and are also called ear spoons to scoop out all the wax from ears.

Ear cleanser

These are electronic devices to remove excess wax from ears. They contain a broader side, which merely by twisting motion in-ears removes all the wax from ears. These tools are more effective in wax removal, and there are fewer chances of a puncture in the eardrum with these tools.

Electric devices

These electric devices are also ear cleansers, which cause loosening and softening of wax due to their vibratory motion. These electric devices are very efficient and easy to use.


Some kits also contain various solutions to remove ear wax. These ear solutions soften the ear wax and which is effectively removed from ears.

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