How to Remove Hard Boogers from Newborn Baby Nose?

How to Remove Hard Boogers from Newborn Baby Nose?

How to Remove Hard Boogers from Newborn Baby Nose?

Some things are horrible and unfortunate to hear. One of these things is that your newborn can not breathe properly because of the stuffy nose. Because the baby is not breathing correctly, the newborn is not taking the feed properly. As a result, the baby gets ill and feels unwell. 

According to Dr. Qaisrani, parents should use nasal drops, mist humidifier, cotton ball, by using a protectant, nasal aspirator for removing hard boggers from a newborn baby nose. It is recommended that first-time parents ask the nurse to clean the boogers and mucus from newborn stuffy nose.

Due to the inappropriate breathing conditions, the newborn becomes unwell and feel uncomfortable. This nose stuffing can occur in newborns more frequently. The reason behind that is the newborn only breaths with the nose. He or she uses the nostril passage to inhale and exhale the air, and this continues to the age of at least two months. Due to one familiar passage, it is evident that the nostrils get stuffed with the dirt and mist around and in the air.

When the passage of air gets disturbed, many other problems generate. One of the significant issues is respiratory distress. Some other items may occur, which may be a lack of sleep and inappropriate feed intake routine. The solution to these multiple problems is to clean the stuffed nose.

How to Remove Hard Boogers from Newborn Baby Nose? by Dr. Qaisrani

For this purpose, there are various methods and technique which mothers and parents should follow. These techniques are removing hard boogers using Nasal drops, use of nasal aspirator, take the baby to the nurse, application of wet mist humidifier, use of a damp cotton ball, cleaning during bathing, use of protectant.

These techniques are safe and reliable; these are effective for the newborns to remove the nose boogers. These methods are appropriate for the newborn. These will help the parents in safe and hygienic cleaning of the newborn’s nose.

After cleaning, the baby will feel comfortable. His other routine of feed will improve. The sleeping routine will get better. But the only point to ponder here is that you must follow the instructions correctly so that you can accurately do cleaning without any harm to the nose of the baby.

Use of nasal drop for nose cleaning

The first option for cleaning the nose boogers of the newborn is through saline drops, or it can be any kind of a mist that you can get from the nearest drug store or pharmacy. This method is the first-ever method that can use for the removal of the boogers. This technique is a proper method for using this mist or saline drops. For this purpose, you should be very conscious. Pay full attention while performing newborn nasal cleaning. For this purpose, spray the nasal spray in each nostril of the baby.

Then put the newborn in the position that the head should be lower from the whole body. The saline spray should flow from the nostrils of the newborn. Hold the baby in this position for one to two minutes. This technique will help you to clean the hard boogers of the newborn’s nose.

Here the point to ponder is you as a parent can buy a saline liquid from a pharmacy, or you can generate your saline solution. For this purpose, you have to use eight ounces of water. This waster should be filtered or distilled in nature. In this water, add a small pinch of salt mix it well, and saline is ready. With this handmade saline, you need to follow the same procedure as the above.

These drops of saline loosen the mucus of the newborn’s nose, and the baby feels a sense of sneeze. Through sneezing, the mucous comes out, and you can clean the clogged mucus easily.

Use of nasal aspirator for Removing Hard Boogers from Newborn Baby Nose

After using the saline nasal drops, you can use a nasal aspirator for cleaning the hard booger of your newborn. This nasal aspirator is also called a plunge. This technique is the most effective and most ancient technique, which used for mucous removal. This plunge works on the suction phenomenon. After using the fall, you just need to squeeze the bulb.

This pressing should perform in soup and water. Then suck the soap and water mixture and suck it off. After this rinse, the lamp with clean, pure water. This method will help to clean the bulb of the aspirator, and you can use it next time.

The use of this nasal aspirator is one of the oldest techniques used in the hospitals for the cleaning of newborn’s boogers. Some other equipment related to these nasal aspirators is a large plastic stick which has a tube at the end.

With the help of this tube other side, you can remove the mucus from the nose of the newborn. There is an appropriate filter between the pipes, which helps to separate the mucus from the mouth, and this makes the whole cleaning clear and hygienic. You can destroy the screen after using it and can wash the other plastic apparatus.

These are battery operated aspirators as well. This aspirator has a rubber tip at the end of it. This aspirator can clean the nose of the newborn in various directions and ways. You just need to insert the rubber end in the trunk of the baby. The angle of insertion should be ninety degrees. Just press the push button, and you can clean the boogers inside. All the parts of this aspirator are washable.

One more aspirator with different tip sizes available, and you can use it for a more extended period as your baby grows. It has a manual attachment, and without creating any voice, you can clean the mucous inside the nose of your baby. Use these aspirators before feeding the baby; otherwise, it can cause vomiting.

Use of mist humidifier

You can use any mist humidifier and can clean the nose of the baby. Just insert the humidifier inside the air passage of the baby. This method will make the nose moist and runny. It will become easy for you to clean the nose in such a situation.

As the nose loses its stiffness, it becomes easy to get rid of mucous without any voice and pain. The newborn will not feel uncomfortable. This method causes no pain. This process is one of the easiest and tricky techniques for cleaning the nose of newborns.

Use of a cotton ball

If the nose of the baby is runny and you want to clean it gently, then you should use a ball of cotton. For this process, simply just damp cotton ball in warm water and use it. With this damped cotton ball press, the mucous and debris around and inside the nose.

Through this, you can lessen the stiffness of the trash. Then after softening it properly, wipe away the mucous in a proper manner. An important tip here is that you need to clean the mucous outside, not in the direction of the nose.

Cleaning during bathing

If the baby has a stiff nose that filled with mucous and debris, you can clean the nose during bath time. For this purpose, you just need to make wet the nose with the bathwater. Shower a little amount of water inside the nose to make it damp and soft.

Then with a soft washing cloth, clean the area outside and inside the nose. Make it clean gently in a very smooth manner. If you do not make the nose humid, it will become uneasy for the baby. The newborn is very delicate, and so is his nose. The cleaning of boogers during bathing is a very convenient and proper way.

Removing of Boggers through using a protectant

Petroleum jellies, lip balms, or baby lotions can be applied to clean the nose of the baby. But make sure that the baby is not feeling irritated with these protectants. These smothers should be used around and inside the nose. Make the nose soft and smooth.

Leave the air passage of the newborn for some time after applying protectant. This method will help the smoother to work correctly. After the nose become soft. Use a soft cloth and clean the nostril from outside and inside.

Take Your Newborn Baby to Nurse for Stuffy Nose

In this case, if you want to clean the nose of the newborn and you are afraid that how will you handle the baby. Then you should not play with the delicacy of the infant. Just bring the baby to a nurse and tell the nurse to clean the boogers and mucus of the nose.

This technique will help you to understand the method of nose cleaning of your baby. This process will also help to get use of the routine. With going to the nurse session, bring a bottle of liquid with you. More liquid will help the mucus to get moist; the cleaning procedure will become easy and satisfactory. The nurse will handle the newborn in a very professional manner.

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