Is it normal for toddlers to have nightmares?

Is it normal for toddlers to have nightmares?

With growing age, toddlers have different kinds of habits and routines. They develop a diverse variety of human behaviors inside them. Toddlers start experiencing various feelings during day and night time. One of these feelings is the nightmares in toddlers.

No, it is not normal for toddlers to have frequent nightmares. Nightmares in toddlers is a condition in which the toddler when sleeping he or she might get up late at night or in the middle of the night with fear. Mostly toddler starts shivering after watching this nightmare. They start crying loudly. This condition is very harmful and unstable for the toddlers.

Because they do not realize that what is happening with them and where it can lead them, these conditions in which toddlers are crying loudly and asking for his parents is a state of grim and problem for parents.

The parents get frightened by this happening sometimes. In the beginning, parents can not understand what is happening to toddlers because toddlers can not explain what he has seen or what happened to him or her during a dream.

These nightmares in toddlers is a very unpleasant feeling and happening. This condition makes the toddlers and the parents very scared. All of a sudden, the toddler wakes up at night, and he or she might start crying due to fear. After watching the nightmare, if the toddler is verbal, he or she will narrate the whole dream to you. By attending such thought, the toddler will be unable to sleep at night.

Is it normal for toddlers to have nightmares?

Now, as a parent, it is your responsibility to find out the reason behind these nightmares. Because in some toddlers, the dreams can occur once or twice a year. But some toddlers suffer from this issue daily.

Due to this problem, the daily routine of the toddler also gets upset. After the nightmare, the toddler finds it difficult to sleep at night. This change in the sleeping pattern disturbs the daily routine of the toddler as well.

There can be many reasons behind these nightmares of the toddlers. Some of these reasons are as follow. The idea behind these nightmares can be a significant change, a scary thing, day time triggers, fever, medicines.

Big change

Toddlers are in an age where they are growing every day these toddlers are learning and watching everthing.toddlers have a very vast capacity of learning and observing. After the observations and apprenticeships, the toddlers become accustomed to these things. Then after a sudden change, the routine and mood of the toddlers get upset.

This change can cause the night routine and sleeping pattern of the toddler naughty and confused; this change creates a kind of fear and anxiety in toddlers. The difference can be any minor or significant change. It can be a change of the playgroup teacher or the addition of a sibling in the family.

These situations create fear and anxiety in toddlers. When they sleep, toddlers feel the same anxiety during sleeping. This anxiety develops nightmares, and it makes the toddler very disturb. These nightmares are due to some changes in the routine and life of the toddlers. The difference can be any addition or subtraction of anything or any human.

Scary things can make toddlers to have nightmares

While playing during day time, the toddlers go through various experiences. Toddlers watch different things and play with multiple toys. Sometimes during the day time, the toddlers see some scary stuff. This creepy thing can be any spider or lizard.

Any animal which can create a kind of fear in the tiddler sits in the subconscious of the toddler. During the day, the toddler survives of the fear of that scary thing. But at night time, the psyche of the toddler becomes very active, and all of a sudden, this fear starts getting dominant after the domination of doubt, the feelings of anxiety change into nightmares.

The toddlers get very upset and get up during the sleep with a nightmare. If the toddler is verbal, he or she can explain that dream to you, and you can find out what happened to them.

Day time triggers

Some toddlers have a frequent pattern of nightmares. These toddlers sometimes have a family history of the dreams. Toddlers observe so many things during the day time. They hear a see different sounds and handle various situations; these situations can be happy or deadly.

These situations can cause problems like nightmares for toddlers at night time. Because in the day they make their selves away from thoughts and conditions, at night the case turns. The toddler becomes anxious and starts suffering from nightmares.


The extreme level of temperature mostly affects the activities of the human brain. The toddlers are very young to handle these changes in the brain and control them. When toddlers suffer from conditions like elevated body temperatures, the mind of the toddlers gets very active, and it starts mixing all the thoughts and processes in his or her mind.

The situations he has gone through all day and during fever. All those situations become a nightmare for the toddler. He or she might see those situations terrifyingly in the dream. Due to excitement, mostly the toddlers suffer from nightmares. When the body temperature gets normal, the nightmares all stops. These are directly or indirectly attached.


When the toddlers are unwell due to fever or other conditions, the toddlers start taking medicines prescribed by the pediatrician. These medicines have specific effects on the human brain. The results can be sedative. During sedation, the toddler is suffering from pain and anxiety of fever.

When these medicines affect these mixed conditions, the toddlers get the nightmares. All the frustration turns in to a scary dream, and toddler gets up in the middle of the night with fear.

Now, as a parent, you must calm the toddler after nightmares. You can not stop the dream, but you can ease the toddler to that level that he or she might understand the present condition. The things you can do to calm the toddler make the toddler to sleep, talk about a good memory, safe space teachings, a good bedtime routine.

Make the toddler to sleep properly

Although after having a nightmare, it is complicated for the toddler to sleep, .but as a parent, it is your priority to make the toddler sleep. You should tap his or her back or calm the toddler. You should tell the toddler that nothing is wrong, and he or she can sleep.

As a parent, you should make your availability confirm for toddlers. This sense of somebody near them will make them very relaxing. The toddler will try to sleep then and will not panic. This technique should be the priority as a parent. You need to calm the toddler first and allow the toddler to sleep. This sleep after the nightmare is essential.

Talk about a good memory

You, as a parent, can calm the toddler by some good memories. Toddlers have different attachments. Some of them are related to a personal closet. Some memories are related to something favorite they bought. You just need to tell the toddler that thinks about those things. This will prevent nightmares in toddlers.

Make the toddler relax after the nightmare by talking about good things. Good memories will make the toddler not only relax, but also it will help him or her not to panic. You can speak to the toddler in a slow and calm tone so that the toddler gets to relax. After the achievement of this relaxation phase, the toddler will sleep ultimately.

Safe space teachings

After watching a nightmare, toddlers cry, and they get terrified. The toddlers need to find their specific place. As a parent, you must tell the toddler that whenever he or she might get terrified, they should find a perfect place as a shelter. That specific place must be the lap and warmth of their parents.

Whenever they go through the nightmares, they will try to find you. Eventually, by having you on their side, they will relax. This technique should applied in the day time to teach the toddler. This method will make the toddler relax and safe. After watching a dream, which is a nightmare for the toddler, he or she will approach you and will get relax eventually.

A good bedtime routine

Mostly the toddlers go through the phase of nightmares due to disturbance of the daily routines. Whenever they get annoyed and anxious due to some day time activities, these fears turn in to dreams. That is why a proper bedtime routine will prevent nightmares in toddlers.

When the toddler sleeps on time and in an appropriate manner, the toddler will not suffer from nightmares. This technique is helpful for the health of the toddler as well. The toddler will get rid of dreams and will sleep in a relaxed state of mind.

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