Is It Normal for Toddlers to Line Things Up?

Is It Normal for Toddlers to Line Things Up?

Toddlers have multiple habits while they are growing up. Some of them learn something from the elders. Some practices are in their genes. They inherit these habits and functions from their parents and sometimes from one of them. The thing here is that it is essential to understand that these habits are suitable for toddlers or not.

The practices which are occupied by the toddlers are of various kinds. These habits vary with the age of the toddlers. Some toddlers do one type of thing; some other toddlers follow another pattern or series of practices.

Yes, it is normal for toddlers to line up things. Many toddlers have a habit of organizing and arranging things. There can be various reasons that are why the toddlers line up the toys and other things. These reasons are healthy and okay. These reasons may include obsessiveness with the environment, sense of mastering something, autism, and organizing skills.

Toddlers do various things while they are growing up. One of these habits is lining up all the toys in a row or a specific pattern. You can see and observe that most of the toddlers, while playing with their toys, they organize the toys and other playing items in a row. Some of the toddlers arrange things in a specific pattern.

The most crucial factor here is the toddlers do not care and bother that how much time they are consuming on lining up and organizing their toys and stuff. This lining up of toys is their game for them. If you, as a parent, leave your toddler with the gadgets for at least one hour on your return to the same place and room, you will observe that the toddler has done their job. The toddler will organize the toys and will line them up.

Is It Normal for Toddlers to Line Things Up?

Now there is another difference. Some toddlers only organize and line up all their toys, but some of them have a very organized mind. These toddlers with an extreme intellectual level will hold and line up the toys according to the hierarchy and pattern. If the toddler is playing with a bag full of toys which include the team of some police officer’s toys.

Some toddlers will line these toys in a particular pattern which is in the order from the higher officer to the lower one. These toddlers have brilliant learning habits, and they do things in a very rational way.

The question which arises in many minds is that this arrangement and lining up of toys is reasonable or not, so the answer to this question is that it is entirely understandable. The toddlers have this habit of lining up the toys and other things in a particular manner. These habits of lining the toys are altogether healthy. The toddlers usually do these things. It is entirely healthy and beautiful for the toddlers as habits. 

Obsessiveness with the environment

Most of the toddlers play in a specific area. It can be the PlayStation area or a separate room where they play all day and night. This room or playing area has their particular toys or bags which contain their toys. Whenever the toddlers play, he or she plays in the same room.

The toddler becomes obsessive with this playing area. Sometimes the toddler becomes so obsessive of the environment that he or she starts playing with the toys in a specific manner. The toddler becomes so accustomed to shapes and colors of toys that it becomes a pattern for him or her to play.

Whenever the toddler starts playing the playing room with a specific amount of toys, he or she tries to find out the various methods and techniques to play with the toys. Because the toddler has no other option other than these toys and playing room, the toddler mostly tries to organize the toys in the symmetry.

This symmetrical organization can be a line or a row. The toddler whenever plays with his toys, he or she can take out all of his toys, and after that, he or she will line up all the toys in a line. It might take thirty to forty minutes for the toddlers to lineup all of his or her toys. Despite this time consumption, the toddlers feel happy and satisfied with the game; he or she happily list all the toys in a particular manner.

This habit of the toddler is quite healthy. These are no need to focus on and treat this habit. But if you find it a bit sick for the toddler that he or she is playing the same game every day and every time. Then you just need to focus on the changing of the environment. The change in the habitat of the toddler will have a significant impact on his or her psychology, and he or she will play. 

Sense of mastering things

Some toddlers have this habit that they try to learn everything, and while trying for learning, these toddlers try to find out the mystery behind the things and games. This sense of knowing the mystery gives the toddlers a sense of mastering things.

Some toddlers develop this habit of mastering and knowing everything. This habit gives these toddlers a feeling of satisfaction. These toddlers feel that by doing this, they will overcome all the insecurities around them and inside them.

This mastering things habit gives a sense of relief and satisfaction to the toddlers. That is why they usually arrange things and their toys in a specific way. By doing their own kind of things makes the toddler more satisfied. This method gives them a sense of ownership. Toddlers realize that they can do things on their own. Toddlers can do whatever they want to do, and whenever they want to do.

This habit is quite normal, and there is no need to worry about it. Instead of that, if you want to manage the habits of your toddler, you can just simply change or interfere in the habit. This will give the toddler a realization that someone else can do the same mastering as they do. The toddlers can develop a habit of sharing, and they will learn acceptance of things and people. But the habit of mastering things by aligning the toys and toddlers’ personal stuff is quite normal.


In toddlers, autism can be a problem, although it is severe, it can be treatable. Some toddlers develop a problem like autism. In this issue, they do different things, and one of those things is with toys and other personal stuff. Sometimes due to autism, the toddlers flips and turns the toys, and sometimes the toddlers just arrange the toys in a certain way. This lining up of toys becomes their habit, and they start doing this over and over again.

After that, the toddlers develop a habit of doing this lining up of toys a habit. They spend much of their time doing this. Whenever they play, they do the same things. Whatever they find in the kitchen or in the room, they start lining those things in a certain manner. This habit sometimes gets frustrated for the toddlers and even for the parents. You just need to consult the pediatric psychologist for this concern. The pediatrician will help you to understand the problem of the toddler and give you some tips to resolve it slowly.

Learning process by teachers

Sometimes the toddlers develop a habit of lining things up according to the colors and themes of the toys. This habit they develop directly or indirectly from the learning techniques and abilities.

Toddlers who attends some classes which are all fun and entertainment, but the teachers of the toddlers there try to develop a sense of understanding the toddlers. The teachers teach the toddlers the difference between the colors and sometimes the difference in the shapes.

This activity brings a sense of sensibility and acknowledgment of colors in the toddlers. This sense of knowing the colors and shapes keeps the toddlers attached to the toys in various ways.

Whenever the toddlers play with his or her toys the toddler place all his or her things in a certain order, mostly the toddler line up all the toys in a specific manner that the same color toys are line up in the same row.

The toddlers separate the toys on the basis of the color. This comprehension of colors is really good for the development and progress of toddlers. The reason is that the toddlers’understand which colors should be place together. That is why most of the time, the toddlers place the toys in a row.

This lining up technique in toddlers is a very creative method, and this is quite normal. There is no need to worry about if your toddler is placing his or her toys in a row or lining them up. This method is helpful for the toddler really good for the growth of his mind. There is nothing to worry about when your toddler aligns his or her toys in such away. 

Organized toddlers will line things up

Whatever the toddlers see, they try to copy that stuff. The toddlers try to comprehend and eventually follow the whole method. That is why when in front of the toddlers, the mothers and sometimes both the parents organize their things. The toddler tries to adopt the habits of organizing things. It is not the toddlers but the parents and people around the toddlers who give the toddlers an ability to organize the things in the right manner.

After learning the technique from the parents and other people, whenever the toddler plays with his or her toys, he or she tries to organize his or her toys.

This organizing ability is outstanding as the toddlers learn not to create a mess—the toddler’s set up all the toys and other stuff in a specific manner. Sometimes the toddler lines the toys in a row, and this is very good for the mental health or the toddler as well as for the house. 

This is really very safe and not in any way harmful for the toddlers. You need to allow the toddlers to do this technique the same he or she wants to do that.

Here is some information regarding how and why the toddler lineup the toys. I hope this knowledge will help you in the best possible way.

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