Is it Normal for Toddlers to Write Backwards?

Is it Normal for Toddlers to Write Backwards?

Is it Normal for Toddlers to Write Backwards?

Writing anything comes from a learning phase. If the toddler does not learn anything, he or she cannot write anything. When they learn something, they try to write these words. When toddlers learn something new, they try to write it. But sometimes it happens that the toddler writes the lines and words in a backward manner.

Now the question is that is it normal that if the toddler writes a letter or a complete sentence backward. The answer is, Yes, it is normal. In that beginning, when a toddler learns how he can print, there are mixed intellects, including thoughts while writing a letter or a sentence.

Now there are various types of backward writing when a toddler writes something. Some of the toddlers write the whole sentence in the regressive form. This sentence could be a mirror image of the sentence. When you look in the mirror, you usually find the letters and penalties in the backward direction. The toddlers’ writes in the same way as the mirror image of the sentence typically occur. 

This technique of writing in the backward direction requires a lot of effort and intellectual level because it is not easy to write a sentence in the backward direction. You cannot even write the letters in the backward direction as well.

It is not an easy task. The toddlers who write in the backward direction can see the wording and sentences differently. These toddlers find the objects very fascinating. Eventually, they write the words and sentences in the opposite direction from the ordinary course.

Is it Normal for Toddlers to Write Backwards?

There are various reasons why the toddler writes in a backward direction. These reasons can be immense in number. Some of these reasons are as follow.

Visual impact

If the toddler is writing backward, then there might be some reasons behind that; one of the very prominent cause of this issue is that there is visual impact. The visual effect of the human converts the shadow and light into different objects.

But the thing is when the objects change in the backward direction, and then the appearance almost remains the same. But when it comes to letters, the visual impact changes the course of the letters. Mostly the letters changes in a backward position; it seems the exact opposite the message and in backward direction.

Toddlers, due to this visual impact, mostly write in the backward direction because the ability to control and understand the visual effect is slightly low in toddlers as compared to the elders. This visual impact differentiation causes the opposite direction of the letters and even the whole sentences. This issue is not a disease, and it is entirely reasonable, according to the age of the toddler.

Toddlers Mix different things and write in backward direction

When a person born, the brain of the baby is like a blank page. But as soon as the exposure to different things and objects happen. The minds start to capture the colors, shapes, and other tiny information regarding the purpose.

The brain makes different pictures of the individual objects and particular things which it sees through the eyes. The maps and images occur on the blank page of the mind. 

Now, as far as toddlers are concerned, they are in a learning process. They learn things, objects, and other things. After learning, they create a small patch of memory on their brain. When they write, they utilize the minds of the past and the present letters and sentences simultaneously.

This issue can cause the mixing and matching of objects. The toddler might write one letter from one word in history and the second from the present, and due to the conclusion, the direction gets the impact. The toddler writes the letters in the backward path, which eventually leads to no meaning in seeing.

Toddler Learning to writing issue

There can be an individual problem when the toddler writes in a backward direction. The problem here is that the learning process is associated with speaking and hearing. Most of every time, on hearing a word or a sentence, toddler makes an image of that word in mind.

And when they write they write in the opposite direction. This problem conceptual hearing and writing issue resolved by practicing and showing the toddlers that what the word looks.

This insistence helps the toddlers to write the words and sentences in the same direction which they need to write. This technique will help the toddler to understand that what they are listening to and learning should write the words and sentences in the same direction and shape. The toddler should not write the words in the opposite direction of the alphabets in the backward manners. 

Toddlers do not understand what they are listening to and learning, and sometimes due to loss in the memory, they forget what to write. Some of the toddlers are not able to put their thought and learned words on the paper. 

What to do if a toddler writes backward?

When a person is aware of why his toddler is writing in a backward direction, then it is necessary to understand that what should do toddler write in the same and right direction. For this purpose, there might be several techniques.

Work at home

When you find out that the toddler is continuously writing in a backward direction, you need to understand that there is no harm in it. This issue a severe problem or a disease. Firstly you need to resolve the problem of your toddler in your self. You can help the toddler at home. For this purpose, the first point is that you should teach your toddler with one letter. Start with one letter at one time.

Do not burden the toddler with extensive teachings at home. Otherwise, the toddler will get offended and eventually will stop learning. Now the point is if the toddler is trying to differentiate between alphabet b and d, then you should start with b and should be stuck to it for some time.

This technique proposes writing backward; either it is a sentence or a word. Try to continue the same process for the numbers. You can teach the toddler that this is the way that how the alphabets present the same direction, the figures can also directly in the same way.

Parents should interact with the teacher

If until the second grade, the toddler does not learn the technique of writing the letters and alphabets in the same manner. Then there is a need to meet the teacher as a parent. Then as a parent of the child, you should consult the teacher of the toddler.

You must ask the teacher why the toddlers are not learning the process of writing the alphabets and numbers in the right and straight direction. If the teacher helps to focus on your toddler by giving more effort and practice, the toddler will improve his techniques and methods to write appropriately in a straight pattern and direction.

This consultation with the teacher of the toddlers will help you better understand the problems of the toddler. The teacher will tell you the proper ways to overcome the difficulties of writing backward.

Tools to teach the toddler to write

Today is an era of digital media, and that is why you can use different tools and methods for teaching the toddler about writing the sentences and words in the right manner.

These tools can help you to write the words and sentences in the right way.

These tools help to do the practice of the sentences and words written appropriately. These tools and applications are colorful and hence are very enjoyable for the toddlers. These applications on mobile phones and even on television help the process of learning. The learning power increases by watching and seeing the process—these methods directly related to each other.

 Toddlers have excellent learning ability, and when the learning process is all fun and entertainment. These applications will help your toddler to enjoy and learn at the same time. These tools should be near and in the approach of the toddler so he or she can utilize these tools and applications all day long. 


Sometimes the toddler suffers from some conditions which medically termed as dyslexia. Some kids have the problem of dyslexia, and otherwise, the toddlers have such issues in which they reverse the letters and sentences. Most of the time, the kids who write the letters in reverse are oppositely writing in this manner before the age of seven years. After seven years, the problem of dyslexia occurs.

Toddler mostly writes the letters in the backward direction primarily due to the other difficulties then dyslexia, his problem can be memory loss or weak memory. The toddler does not memorize the words and alphabets. Some kids have visual problem issues.

Here is some knowledge regarding toddlers who write in the backward direction. I hope this data will help you in the best possible way.

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