What to do with a Newborn Baby During the Day?

What to do with a Newborn Baby During the Day?

What to do with a Newborn Baby During the Day?

Most newborn babies develop a routine of sleeping, eating, and popping. But after a few weeks, the babies change their methods, and they get a bit different than before. Most of the time, the mothers feel fine when the baby has a sleeping habit in the night time, but in the day time, the newborn awakes for more extended periods. In such cases, babies need some activities; otherwise, they cry all along the day.

In this article, we have explained a few of the common activities for a newborn baby during the day time:

Now, these activities are a more significant challenge for the mothers all day because the baby is too small, and it needs attention and care before experimenting with anything. Some regular and relaxed activities for newborn babies during the day are cuddling during and after sleep, communicate through notions, take the baby to sunlight if it is comfortable, give a small walking session, feeding, changing clothes and diapers, make the babies sleep.

Although these activities are challenging and time-consuming, these are very effective and reliable.

What to do with a Newborn Baby During the Day?

Almost every day, I receive multiple parents who are concerned about their newborn baby’s daily routine. Parents want to know every little detail and the same happens when a first-time mother visits a Pediatrician.

This is a detailed guide by Dr. Qaisrani that explains what you should be doing with your newborn on a daily basis. We have added a detailed description of the day time activities.

Let us get into the details:

Cuddle a baby during and after sleep

During day times, the sleeping pattern or newborn is different and challenging. Because there is the hustle and bustle in the home during day time, and from outside and inside of house, unusual noises of traffic plus people come across ears of newborns. And these babies are very much sensitive regarding to these noises and gets uncomfortable.

The babies start crying due to the discomfort, and there is much need to relax them because they cannot sleep all day.

For this purpose, just cuddle the baby in your lap and hands, make the new comfortable and cozy and shake a little bit of the side of your lap in the right and left directions. With slight moving and due to the comfort and warmth of the cuddling positions, the baby will feel relax, and if the newborn were crying, he or she would stop crying. Most of the newborn enjoys this cuddling in the day time rather than in night time because the newborn needs the relaxation and comfort in day time more than the sleep.

Communicate through notions

Newborns get attached to the mothers in the early life through their warmness and touch. These babies recognize the smell and comfort of their mothers. That is why, through different notions and ways, the babies can understand the mothers, and the best approach is to communicate either the newborn through the process of different concepts and styles. These notions can be various signs and ways by using the fingers and hands.

You can easily touch the cheek of the newborn baby, and that baby will turn the face in the right or left direction according to the touch. Through the motion of the fingers, you can give a sign of awareness to the newborn. This method is a very effective way to communicate with a newborn baby, and these methods are instrumental in engaging a newborn while doing their daily stuff.

This stuff will change the daily routine of the baby, and it will consume time, and most of the babies gets tired and sleeps after playing with their mothers with these notions.

You can use a circulating or moving toy to make the baby feel that you are playing with the baby, by moving the toy to and fro the newborn will move his or her neck in that particular direction. Some babies enjoy this toy play very much; they laugh and play enjoyably.

You can capture pictures of your baby in that move. These pictures will become memories, and during this photo session, the baby will remain engaged in the activity, and some of the parts of the day will pass in such away.

Sit in the sunlight with your newborn baby during the day

Exposure to the sunlight in the case of a newborn baby is a very challenging method due to various reasons. The primary goal is the baby is unaware of the sunshine and can be afraid when you will bring the newborn to the sunlight. But sunlight is essential for the bones and body.

It provides comfort as well as vitamin D to the baby. That is why parents should add this activity to the daily routine if the baby. The mother or father should take the newborn in the sunlight once in the day time. Then play with the newborn or just put it in a baby court and let the newborn enjoy the time.

This activity will provide a sense of sunbathing to the newborn baby. The newborn babies enjoy the sunbathing time in winters very much. That is why it is imperative to consider that the sunlight is comfortable or not. Check and balance the temperature of the sun, and the whole weather is essential.

After the complete assurance brings the baby to sunlight, and this method will not only provide pleasure and comfort but also will consume a part of day time. After one or two visits daily, this sunbathing will add to the routine of the newborn.

Walk and Talk with your newborn baby

Sometimes the babies feel discomfort when they lay down in the baby bed or the cuddle all day long and in the night. They can sleep in the same position at night, but in the day, the newborns feel active and want to do some other activities. When the newborn doesn’t get the right amount of business, then they start crying.

If you want to make the newborn comfortable during day time too, then you should take the baby to a walk. This walk can be a five to six steps walk in the room or on the lawn in the home. You can take the newborn on a walk in the backyard of the house.

For this purpose, wrap the baby appropriately and take the baby to the garden in the lap. Just talk to the newborn while waking or silently move the baby here and there. For less than half-hour and more than fifteen minutes, you can give this walking session to the baby. This activity will take part in the day time of the baby. Take to the baby on a walk daily,  this will add to the routine of the baby soon.

Properly feeding the newborn during the day

Feeding sessions for a newborn baby should be an appropriate and scheduled process. For this method, make sure that the baby is ready for feeding. This process of nutrition should be smart and make sure that it should take approximately time. You must properly feed the hungry newborn baby.

For food, make the newborn baby prepared for feeding. If there are some specific clothes, so the mother should change the previous cloth. If there are no such clothes, then the mother should put a small colorful fabric around the neck of the baby so the baby could not make the clothes dirty.

After that, feed the milk to the newborn according to the diet prescribed by the pediatrician of newborn baby, make sure that the baby drinks milk in a very adjusted and proper time. This feeding method should be a part of the daily routine of the newborn.

Change of clothes and diapers

Newborns have a daily routine of eating sleeping and popping. That is why it becomes indispensable to change the cloths during the day time of the baby. It will provide a new and refreshing look at the baby. Clean and hygienic babies attract everyone. Changing materials that are clean and dirt-free is essential during day time because the newborn remains in the eyes of everyone.

Changing diapers and making the baby clean is an essential feature of growing up the baby. The baby requires milk feed almost every hour, and according to this, the popping routines moves. This activity of changing the clothes and diapers after every hour is time-consuming. As it is a routine of the baby, it never overcomes with tiredness to the mothers.

Let your newborn baby properly sleep

When the baby plays for more than two hours consecutively, the baby becomes tired, and that is why most of the time, the newborn becomes tired and lethargic. To make the baby relax during day time and not allowing the baby to weep to make sure that the stomach of the baby is full. Then put the newborn in the cuddle or take it in your lap and make the baby sleep.

This nap will allow the baby to become more active and during day time nap as the baby is tired, and the stomach is full. The baby sleeps for two to three hours comfortably, and this will make the parent to relax during day time and give the mothers a break to do some other tasks of the home.

Dr. Qaisrani

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