When can my toddler eat honey?

Toddlers are very little young one who like sweet food. They are in love with the sweet food but they do not like spicy till at the age of six months. When they are elder than six months they start liking somehow salty food items. But they initially like sweet food items and honey is the best sweet food.

When can my toddler eat honey? Honey is the best food for the toddler. You can start giving honey to your toddler when he is almost 13 months old. Start once a day and you can add honey in other food products also. You should not give cold water to your toddler immediately after the honey.

Honey is important for the health of the toddlers because it provides nutrients to them. But parents have to manage things in a proper way in the sense of feeding them. Their feed will be according to the proper requirements of the toddlers. These all care is necessary for the toddlers because they are in a very sensitive period of life. 

Honey also includes toxic bacteria that can cause harmful diseases in the toddlers. So parents must take care of all the things that have to be properly practiced for the health of toddlers. A heavy dose of the honey can also lead the toddlers towards the food poisoning. 

This poisoning is very dangerous for the health of toddlers. It can lead to the death of the toddlers. Toddlers are very much sensitive to be given foods without care. Direct feeding of honey can be harmful for the toddlers. Some toddlers in the initial age is allergic to the honey. So before giving honey to the toddler must consult to the pediatrician and follow his advice.

When can my toddler eat honey?

Honey is a natural food item. Almighty created honey by itself for the well-being of the humans. It is good for everyone and it has the following benefits;

Honey is very useful alone or when mix it with some other food items like milk, water or any other thing. If it is given with milk or mixing with other things its importance enhanced. So that viscosity of the material can be compromised and honey becomes edible.

 Honey will give the toddler a long-lasting energy that can be helpful for the positive development of the personality of the toddlers. Toddlers are very much effective in their daily routine if honey is given in a proper amount and by lowering its viscosity. 

Honey used to treat cough and other throat infections in toddlers. Honey also used to treat obesity factor and it is used to treat weakness. It has many natural minerals and vitamins. It is a complete diet. It gives strength and energy to the toddler. After the proper age honey is good food for the development and growth of toddlers. 

Honey is very sweet in nature because it is made up of three types of sugars that is glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These all three types give active energy to the toddlers to work and concentrate on the growth of the body. It also contains minerals and vitamins that are also needed for the toddlers. If they are hurt from any wound by playing different games. Parents can give them honey which helps a lot in their healing of those wounds very efficiently. 

Honey also has many other benefits such as it protects the liver from getting damaged. If your toddler is suffering from cough, then honey can give him serenity that is very much needed at that time. Scientists also agreed that tea with honey added can be beneficial for the health of the toddlers. It also soothes the irritating skin of the toddlers. It is too much beneficial in this case. 

Nutritional benefits of honey for toddlers

Honey is very important for the toddler it has all the essential nutrients that are good for the growth and development of the toddler. 

It is full of carbohydrates and it has many simple carbohydrates that give energy and strength.

It has almost 17% to 18% content of water that enhances its nutritional value. It has 80% to 82% natural sugar that makes him sweet and enhances its viscosity. It also has minerals and vitamins almost 2% to 3% that are very useful to enhance the metabolism and decrease the signs of obesity.

Due to its high viscosity and maximum content of sugar, it is full of calories due to which it gives strength and activeness. It has almost 64 to 65 calories in its one tablespoon. It is highly antioxidant in nature due to a lot of natural sugars. It low down the level of cholesterol and it has 0% fat due to which it is not able to cause obesity. It gives the strength without enhancing weight. 

It has 1% sodium and almost 3% to 4% dietary fiber that is used to control the blood pressure. It has a healthy glycemic index due to which it is able to absorb in the blood vessel and due to this ability, it improves the digestion. As it is the best metabolizing agent so it is the best to enhance the digestion and remove gas trouble.

Harms of eating honey for toddlers

If honey is given to the kids of small age can be harmful for their body and can cause botulism. This is a very dangerous disease for the health of the toddlers. If any toddler is get affected by the disease. Then he has to be ventilated for more than 20 days. This disease comes because honey has too much viscosity and mucous becomes thicker that is very much difficult to be swallowed by the toddlers. 

Toddlers are getting very much affected by this when parents give them honey without adding milk, tea or warm water in it. By mixing the honey in another liquid cannot be harmful to the health of toddlers. Botulism is also very much dangerous because the toddler has to be admitted to the hospital for more than a month. This has to be a very critical condition. Many toddlers recovered from this disease. The fatality rate is also less than 2 toddlers out of 100. 

Constipation, lethargy and poor feeding are the main symptoms of botulism. Parents have to be considered these symptoms seriously and visit to the doctor urgently. These symptoms can show in 24 hours of eating contaminated food. If the toddler has shown symptoms just after the use of honey then you have to treat it as an emergency case and rush down to the hospital. You have to go to the hospital’s emergency urgently. 

The minimum age for the use of honey

Toddlers can have a definite amount of honey after they cross the age of one year. It becomes necessary for the growth of the toddlers. Because honey contains nutritional benefits that are very much necessary for the health of the toddlers at that period. It is debatable how honey is given to the toddlers. Feeding honey directly can be harmful to the health of toddlers. 

Honey is considered harmful for the babies because it may result in choking and food allergies. These diseases will happen if the proper care is not performed by the parents regarding the intake of foods for the toddlers. You have to take care of the nutrition of your baby properly and all the work must be done in the proper sense of the grooming of your toddler. 

How to give honey to your toddler?

Honey can be given in different forms rather than giving it directly, so you have to take proper care of the health of the toddlers. All these measures are taken for the health of the toddlers. You can give honey in different forms such as:

Honey Apple Nachos

Apple nachos can be simply made with the help of the slicing the apple or two and add honey on the slices and another favorite chopping’s that you want. It gives the delicious taste and toddlers enjoy it a lot.

Healthy strawberry frozen yogurt

If your toddler is asking for an ice cream, then give him a frozen yogurt instead. Add honey and strawberries in that yogurt to make it yummier for the toddlers. In this ice cream, the honey is used as a sweetening agent.

Honey cheerio bars

You simply have to add cherries, honey and mix them to make their bar. It is the quickest way to form the breakfast for the kids. In this way, toddlers eat cheery and honey at once and get double nutrition.

Honey with milk

You simply have to heat the one cup of milk at the flame for some time. Pour it into the cup and add one teaspoon of honey in it. Shake it well to mix the honey in the milk. It is a better way to give it to the toddlers for the proper healing of wounds and injecting positive energy to the toddlers.

Honey with bread

Apply half or full tablespoon honey on the bread slice. In this way, toddler eats honey and bread and honey give sweetness to the bread that’s why it has good taste. Toddlers without irritating eat them both that is a good way to give them proper nutrition.

Uses of honey in toddlers

Honey is very good for the toddler. You can give them honey when they reach the proper age. But the main Precaution does not give them honey alone always give it with some other food item. If your toddler feels exhausted give him honey with liquid or any solid food items.

 It gives your toddler energy and strength. If the skin of your toddler breaks in winter or any season apply few drops of honey on the skin. It gives nourishment and softness to the skin. It is also very good to enhance the immunity and fight against bacterial infections.

Final Words

In the last, I request all parents to start giving honey after their first birthday. Honey is very good for toddlers elder than one year. Honey can be used for eating and drinking because it gives nourishment and development and enhance the growth of your toddler. 

After giving them honey you will see many positive changes in your toddler. If your toddler is one year old don’t wait for anything and start giving him honey its immunity enhanced at a high level and your toddler would definitely better.

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