When can toddlers drink from a cup?

Eating and drinking activity of toddler is a tough task. As it is tough although it is important for the growth and development of a toddler. Toddlers in their initial days of birth are very sensitive in every matter, especially for drinking and earing.

When can toddlers drink from a cup? Toddlers can start drinking from a cup between 13 months to 15 months of age. Drinking from the cup is good for the toddler. It has a very strong positive effect on the health of the toddler. Initially start by giving a cup to the toddler for at least one to two times.

In that stage, their habits are in transition of making them permanent. These toddlers are in the stage of learning from their family members and there nearer. The toddlers shifting to the sippy cup should be slow and transitional in steps. Toddlers must shift to the cup earlier because it is much beneficial for the learning process of toddlers. It helps to increase their mouth muscles by using the real cup.

As he become used to this routine enhance this activity. When he is elder than one year he should be good enough in holding a cup.

When can toddlers drink from a cup?

You have to shift your toddler to cup because it is helpful in the proper improvement in his muscles and growth. You must start trying your toddler to drink with a cup near 1 year of his age. At the age of 18 months, he must be feeling comfortable to use the cup regularly and enjoying it also.

You have to understand this thing that the transition process must be slowly and in steps. It will help to improve the mental and physical strength of your toddler. You must have to recognize is that he will be learning transitional not at once.

The proper time for the toddler to start drinking from the cup

You have to start practicing your toddler to drink with a cup after the age of 12 months. The toddler will start using the cup with spilling out. The spilling by the kid is only at the start of his drinking with the cup. You have to start practicing him by sitting your toddler at the high chair. Start the process by giving the toddler a simple water only.

You have to begin the process by watching the conditions of your toddler as much as you can. Notice them, is he willing to drink with a cup or you are forcing them to do with pressure. If a toddler feels pressure no need to force him. Gradually convenience him and motivate him first to drink from a cup then serve him liquids in a cup.

Check the situation very wisely and convince your children to learn to drink from a cup with his will. Don’t mind when the toddler spills out the drink and convinces him with a happy face. Because if you motivate him with a smiling face it is easy for him to obey you and start drinking cup.

Start by playing with him in a sense of recreation. Bottle feeding is not good for the health of the toddler. It can lead to tooth decay and problems of teeth at the start of his life. You have to manage all the situations very wisely. Because toddlers attract towards love more easily so deal with this situation by soothing them with love and say them it is ok all will fine.

A step-by-step guide

Start teaching your toddler about the use of cup politely and by giving him a few examples. Because toddler learns fast by intimating others. You have to train the toddler in the steps. The steps will be according to the learning capabilities of your toddler and the nature of his likeliness. You have to start giving them the cup step by step in a reverse order:

Drink from the sippy cup without lid

You have to start giving them a sippy cup that has no lid so that the toddler’s jaw may not get hurt from lids because his jaws are soft and sensitive. If the first experience from drinking the cup is bad then it is very difficult for you to urge him to drink from it.

You will start giving them with a one or two teaspoons of simple water initially. When you are going to start giving a cup to toddler first give him his favorite drinks like juices or shakes that he likes. In this way, he may get attracted towards the cup. Support your toddler by lifting the cup upside and help your kid by supporting them. With this method, toddlers will start drinking regular milk.

The transition from sippy cup to a simple cup

Your transition from the sippy cup to the simple cup is very easy. You just have to satisfy the situation for your toddler that it is good for the betterment of his growth. Your kid must spill over at the very start of using it. You have to understand the situation and don’t mind on spilling of your toddler.

Give your toddler time to learn

As you all know that toddler is at the initial stage of learning. So give him some type to learn this activity. Make this activity charming for him by showing him beautiful demos. You have to give time to your kid about learning the process of drinking from the cup. You have to clearly understand the situation of your kid according to the learning abilities of your kid.

Play some videos of toddlers drinking and eating on the television. Those videos help toddlers to learn the way of drinking from the cup by intimating and observing others. In this stage, toddlers learn most of the things by copying others. This is the best way to teach your toddler and you also need to help him by motivating him with love and patience. 

Try different type of cups:

If you have noted that your toddler is not getting familiar with the sippy cups, then try with some other types of cups. Try the cup with which your toddler get familiar with. You have to analyze the situation for the betterment of your child. Your kid will learn from the procedure that you are following. Do all the activities that make your child comfortable from drinking through a cup.

Try cups of different shapes:

If your toddler does not like to drink from the cup give him a cup of different shapes and different colors that give charm and attraction to the toddler. Nowadays cups of different styles are easily available for toddlers in the market.

Buy the cup that has a cartoon of your toddler’s choice for him. So that due top attraction in the cup a toddler can drink from it. Or buy the cup that has your toddler’s favorite color that may ease this tough activity.

Try cups that have graphic designing:

If your toddler does not like to drink from the cups buy a cup that has the design of your toddler’s choice. Technology makes every tough task simple and easy. So no need to worry if your toddler does not like a cup; give him the cup that has his pictures along with his favorite cartoons or with his siblings or parents or friends what he likes the most.

Notice the toddler’s choice and express it in on the cup so that he may get happy and start drinking from it. This is the best way to motivate toddlers towards cup happily. If no scheme working; try this I assure you this will definitely show you positive results.

Feed the elder sibling in front of him: 

If your child is regularly refusing to use the cup you need to try some other physical examples that can help to motivate your toddler to use a drinking cup. Then you have to adopt some different approaches to analyze the situation. Feed his elder sibling in front of him so that in intimating him he may get used to for using a cup.

You have to try the matter in a particular way if you have feed his sibling in front of him. He will learn how to feed with the simple cup. He will learn by seeing and analyzing the situation easily. Toddlers start drinking together and playing with each other.

Appreciate his sibling on using the cup and explain to your toddler that cup that using a cup is a good choice through the matter of actions. Because a toddler can understand action better than words. Try every possible way to urge them for using a cup just after his birthday. So that if you do this late it will be difficult for you.

Pros and Cons for toddlers drinking from a cup

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of using a cup but its advantages are far more than the disadvantages. Following are the few eye-catching advantages of the cups:

Discontinue the use of a bottle when your toddler is one year old and start using a cup. Because the advantages of cups are too much that are simply superb for your toddler. It prevents the toddler from teeth diseases. It prevents the teeth from tooth decay and other cavity problems of the teeth. Teeth of the toddler become mastery in action after using a cup. You can make a diluted milkshake from banana for your toddler.

Straw drinking can helpful for the toddler to drink from the simple cup very easily. Offer the cups that are light in weight and easy to handle for the toddlers. The cups must give the easy feel to the toddler and will not cause any problems for his mental abilities. His motor skills will also be enhanced and his mind becomes sharp and active.

The disadvantages of the cups are lesser than the advantages of the cups. It can cause a problem for the health of the toddler. If he cannot drink the milk and water properly with due care. The nourishment can be affected by the permanent refusal of the cups. But these problems are not very much affected permanently. These are only for the short use. You have also take care of the proper dose of nutrients.

Check if your toddler likes this

You must observe the signs in the behavior of your toddler that will explain his nature and clear tilt towards the use of the cup sincerely. The child will start showing his interest in drinking from the cup.

The start of this activity is although tough and hectic as the toddler becomes used to in drinking cup. You may notice that many positive changes in his behavior. He feels active and alert. His growth enhances much more as compared to those toddlers who are still on the bottle.

After drinking from cup his jaws and teeth become strong and he starts eating food items soon. Because his teeth become strong enough to chewing and swallowing. He enjoys juices and all drinks from the cup and his growing process speeds up due to cup.

Final words:

Finally, after explaining all this I request you all to give your toddler a cup for drinking when he is more than one year old. Although you feel difficulty but good things happen after tough exercise so this is the question of your toddler growth and development. So never try to compromise on it.

Firstly you need to learn patience to deal with this situation then you will able to handle all in a good way. Perform different methods and try different cups soon you get success. When you saw your toddler healthy and growing all toughness you face change into happiness.

I personally convinced my toddler almost within one month to drink milk in a cup. But now he is growing fast as compared to other toddlers of his age who are still on the bottle. So give your toddler a beautiful cup on his first birthday that is the best gift among all because this gives him good health and an active mind.

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