why do toddlers put everything in their mouth?

Why do toddlers put everything in their mouth?

Toddlers are curious and try to grab things and put in their mouth. Here are 6 real facts about this habit and how you can stop them from doing this. 

Why do toddlers put everything in their mouth? Toddlers put everything in their mouth because of oral development issues, to feel things, pain, itching, and pica. They will stop doing this when they are 3 years old.

They have no idea about their good and bad. So they try to eat all things either it may be a hard toy or a dirty shoe.

Why do toddlers put everything in their mouth?

They can place things in it to taste them, feel them, reduce itching, and meet their other oral and dental needs. They take all things in it from the day they are born to 18 to 20 months.

If you leave them alone even for some time, they take everything in it even when they are a few days old. The first thing from which they start doing this is taking of thumb in it. Few of them are habitual to suck it all the time when they are hungry. 

If you remain unable to stop this habit from the day first, they keep on doing this for long and place everything in it. It may be good or bad for them.

They are habitual of doing this because due to their less age, they have a small stomach. They need to eat more times than elders. Following this habit, they think that they have can take in it. 

Other than this, there are also many other reasons due to which they do so. Due to their habit, they hear this type of terms from their parents repeatedly: stop, this is not good for you, do not take it your mouth, etc.

These terms also are the primary reason for their habit because if you stop them doing something, they become more curious about it. To resolve their curiosity, they try to do this again and again. 

Oral developmental issues

These issues are most common in kids who are older than 20 to 22 months. In this, the kid feels an issue in their jaws and gums.

The main reason for this issue is teething. They feel irritated due to it. Due to new teeth, they like to chew different things. When they chew food, their teeth and gums get relief.  

Due to chewing things, their teeth and gums will become stronger. Their jaws undergo exercise due to which the blood circulation in the jaws enhances.

It will able to work skillfully. Chewing and putting food in it is a better thing if they use clean toys. For the betterment of gums and teeth, various types of teethers are available in the market.

They are made up of plastic but hard in nature. If they chew it, they will get relief. If he has the habit of taking things in it, give him a good quality teether to chews it and fix his oral issues. By doing this, he can remain safe from taking dirty things in it.

To feel things

They like beautiful and colorful things. If they find that something looks better, they want to take it to feel its taste. They are at a younger age and thought that things are only to carry them to taste it and eat them.

In this way, they try to explore the whole world. They like to eat oranges and you should add this to their diet.

They thought that their world is under the teeth because there is a tongue with taste buds behind the teeth. When they touch it with the tongue, they feel its taste, and in this way, they discover more about things.

If they feel that this thing is good and some attraction develops in them. This attraction gives rise to curiosity and they also try to eat by themselves.

This issue is common at young age kids. It remains as it is until they reach 36 to 40 months. At this age, cent percent of problems are not resolved, but they will try to understand things because they naturally overcome this habit. 

Pain and itching

Due to teething, they feel pain and itching in their gums to reduce this problem. Arising new teeth is an uncomfortable activity for the kids. They feel pain and severe irritation. To overcome this, they try to get relief from this pain in every possible way.

Apply some pain-reducing gel over the gums in this way that you can overcome this problem. These things dangerous for their health but give immediate relief from all the dental issues. After applying a gel, your baby may attract less towards unhealthy things and remain safe from their worst effects. 


In this disease, kids eat paper, sand, soil, and chalk. In short, this is not a disease, but this is a unique disorder when they eat soil.

This disorder is common in kids with a lack of iron, and kids hate to take a nutritious diet. When they feel hungry, they attract more towards an unhealthy diet than a healthy diet due to which this deficiency enhances, and kids become weak and weak.

Kids like these things more because his tongue feels their taste more good and attractive. 

How do I stop my baby from putting everything in his mouth?

To stop them, you need to take great care of your kids and provide them proper diet to remain full. If they are with a full stomach, then they attract less towards these unhealthy things.

Another way to stop them is with videos and photos in which animation shows that this act is not better. Keep all the harmful objects out of their reach.

The most notable action you need to perform is to always keep an eye on them. By keeping an eye on them, you can immediately stop them if they try to do something worse with them. But the way to stop them must be adorable and lovely so that they could not feel fear from you and from that thing.

You need to spend more time with your kid and engage him in healthy activities to attract less towards other unhealthy activities. The main reason for this activity is dental and oral issues.

If you overcome them with some medication and other home treatments. They do not involve in this problem and, as a result, do not find any solution by themselves. 

Side effects of this habit

They can engulf things that can cause choking like coins, golf balls, and any beads. They also take some poisonous medicine that can harm them like various tablets, syrups, etc.

These tablets and syrups can cause poison in them and even can prove fatal for them. Several infections of the stomach and other digestive organs can also occur due to this habit.

Diarrhea is the most common infection, along with other diseases.