Why Does My Baby Stretch So Much?

Why Does My Baby Stretch So Much?

Why Does My Baby Stretch So Much?

First-time parents are always concerned about their newborn. Even a small change in their activity is noticed and inquired. I receive parents on a daily basis where they wanted to know about even small changes in the baby movement.

Newborn babies make noises and even stretch their bodies and this is often absolutely normal.

New parents get confused at these strange sounds, grunting and stretching. This can make parents think that their baby is in pain and requires some sort of medical attention. As a Pediatrician, this is my duty to explain to parents in detail about newborn grunting and stretching.

In this article, I have added all the causes that explain newborn babies stretching in detail:

Normally the main cause of newborn babies grunting and stretching is related to digestion. Gas in the stomach of the newborn baby results in discomfort and baby starts stretching.

Using a good quality Colic drops, you should select the brand which has lactase enzyme in it. This helps is releasing the trapped gas and you will notice a decrease in the symptoms.

Why Does My Baby Stretch So Much?

In all newborn babies, you can see grunting and stretching and in most of the cases, this is just normal. You do not have to worry if a baby does stretch. 

Since I have received this question many times, I have decided to write this detailed guide that explains every detail about babies who stretch.

Let us get into the details of today’s question:

Digestive problems can cause a baby to stretch:

This is the thing that comes to mind when you see a baby stretch. If your baby starts stretching immediately or after 5-10 minutes of feeding, this shows the digestive problems. In most cases, this is the result of gas in the stomach and the baby will do stretching to get comfortable. 

A newborn baby will keep on doing these strange movements and stretching till he is comfortable and the food is digested and he is free from the trapped gas in his stomach. This is a sort of digestive process and when a baby stretch, this helps indigestion. You should properly feed the newborn during the day.

At this time, it is important to note the facial expressions of the baby. If the baby is satisfied and not crying when stretching, this is normal. You can call it normal stretching of the baby and this is the result of the trapped gas. Within 10 minutes you will notice that the baby is normal. You can use Colic Calm Gripe Water to help the baby to digest the milk.

A newborn baby will start grunting and stretching again when you will feed him. This also proves that this stretching of the baby is normal and you will just need to give some time to your baby.

When the baby is stretching and arching at the same time, this can be because of the pain. This happens when digestion becomes difficult and this results in Colic and even makes your newborn baby cry at night.

Muscle spasm:

This is rarely the cause of stretching but as parents, you must be aware of this. Often, when parents try to hold their babies with their arms, this can result in the dislocation of the shoulder or fracture of the Clavicle bone. If this happens, the baby will not only stretch but cry at the same time.

This is different from the normal stretching of the baby. You will notice that the baby will stretch to a certain direction that shows the affected site.

If you notice that the baby is stretching and crying whenever he wakes up, you should consult a Pediatrician. 

Pain at Umbilicus:

This is another reason that makes babies cry and stretch. After birth, you should take care of the baby’s umbilicus, a newborn can feel pain if there is an infection at the site of the umbilicus.

This pain from the wound of the umbilicus can make a baby stretch and cry at the same time. Newborn babies should be properly taken care of and if you notice crying and stretching, immediately consult your doctor.

Dr. Qaisrani Tips for Grunting and Stretching of the Newborn Baby

When you notice a baby stretching and grunting, check for the following:

Is the baby hungry? If you have not given feed to your baby, immediately feed him and you will notice that he has stopped stretching.

You just fed your baby? Now, if the baby starts stretching after the feed, this can be due to the digestive problems and the trapped gas in his stomach. This is normal. You can use Colic Calm Drops to help the baby.

Check the face of the baby? If the baby feels satisfied while he is grunting and stretching, do not worry. If you notice that he is uncomfortable then you should be concerned. 

Is your baby crying while he is stretching? If your baby is constantly crying while he grunts and stretches, you should be concerned. This is the sign that you should consult a doctor.

Did you recently change the formula milk? If you have just changed the formula milk or shifted the baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, this can be the cause. 

Is there fever along with stretching? Whenever you notice that your baby stretches, check for fever. Most of the time, you will notice that there is no fever but if you notice fever, consult your doctor.

Dr. Qaisrani

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