Why does my toddler destroy everything?

Toddlers always enjoy something new and exciting. They love to do something adventurous. They are very sensitive at this stage of life because they clearly show their rudeness and destructiveness from their attitude. Now, their parents have to guide them, train them and educate them about how to respond in the critical situation of life. 

Why does my toddler destroy everything? You may notice that your toddler wants to destroy everything. This can happen if your toddler is more sensitive, angry, hungry, aggressive or he just wants to play.

These days are very much sensitive to the growth of toddlers. Toddlers learn a lot in this age of life. In this duration of age, toddlers are very active and the full attention of their parents. Their learning abilities are at a peak during this time of age. They can learn everything if you properly teach them in the sense of love and care for them. 

Toddlers break and destroy things for the sake of some entertainment. As the toy or some other thing break it produces sound. This sound gives them pleasure and they get entertainment from this activity. Sometimes if they get fear from some toy they also try to destroy it. The destructive behavior of toddlers is somehow bearable but if it exceeds the limit it is dangerous for the toddlers. Start to control it initially otherwise it will be dangerous for your toddler.  

Why does my toddler destroy everything?

If the toddlers at the start of this age clearly shows the more than natural destructive behavior. Then, you have to visit a psychiatrist for any mental illness. That may cause any big harm in the future. It is very important to understand that things are getting worse when the toddler will start growing in his life. 

Toddlers who are getting worse in showing destructive behavior are generally in seek of a proper role model in their life. To whom they can follow properly. Their life can be easy by following the life of someone in their life. The person must be from the family of that toddler from which he can get inspiration. 

Toddler’s destructive behavior

Toddler’s destructive behavior can lead to big problems in the future. They can be more irritating in the future. Because their lives will be becoming more critical day by day. They may have serious behavioral and emotional problems in their minds. Toddler’s destructive behavior may be due to his shyness and anger. Parents need to notice the exact reason and try to solve it by paying attention.

The guardians might not giving them proper attention. They are doing all the destruction for seeking attention in this due course. Guardians must have mention them clearly that they are important in their life rather than their daily routine. 

Toddlers need great attention and care they are at this time they must be the only owner of your time and importance. Researchers have found out that these problems are bigger in the toddlers whose parents are not too much available for them. They are busy in their daily routine and ignored their toddlers. They don’t play with them. They are also not providing time to them for their proper guidance.

 So, they are unable to cope with their frustration and find out the way to get the frustration out of them. They will devise the way how they can lower the level of frustration in their daily life. They have to come up with the solution of the problem burning in their fresh minds. 

Parents’ role to resolve the situation

Parents are the best friends of the toddler they are also the first friends of their toddlers. They play a very important role in the well-being and development of toddlers. Parents are great blessings for toddlers and toddlers are also great gift of Almighty for parents. So everyone needs should perform his/her activity properly so that all things should be at their good.

Parents have a clear and defined role in this situation because they have to resolve the matter before going it to be worse than at the start. You have to cater to the situation at the beginning of the behavior of the toddler. Researchers have revealed that the toddler is continuously learning from his parents.

Toddler’s behavior is due to the improper guidance of the guardians to grow and work properly in their life. Parents need to curb the matter properly by controlling their temper.

If you notice rudeness in the behavior of your toddler try to tackle the situation with great wisdom. Be polite with your toddler educate him and show him more attention and more love. Take him to his favorite places and prepare his favorite food and guide him with great attention and love. Your attention plays a vital role in the positive character building of your toddler.

 The parents don’t have to lose their temper and show anger to the toddler. Because it can further lead to an increase in his destructive behavior. If your toddler is destroying the thing in front of you. Then you have to manage the problem by preventing him in a cool and firm voice. Your response must compel them to listen to you rather than annoying him. This response matters a lot in this situation. Your response towards your toddler should be firm and calculated. 

Overcoming the problem

To overcome this problem parents need to take certain steps. Parent’s role is the key to overcome this awkward situation. Because what parents can do for his toddler no one can able to do that for him. So if your toddler show destructive behavior immediately left all the task and star following these important steps:

Don’t make your toddler lose his temper

Controlling your temper is the best remedy to overcome this situation. To control the situation and make your baby calm and relax and personally you also need to be stay calm and no need to scold your toddler. Treat him with love and patience.

You have to show calmness in front of your toddler so that he may learn from your instruction and not get annoyed from it. You have to manage the problem in which you must show maturity in the behavior towards toddlers.

 If you will annoy him, he will not understand your point of guidance for a long period. His destructive behavior will become severe and one stage comes at which it will not be in your control anymore. 

Your voice must be calm and firm

Your voice of preventing him should be clear and firm. You need to stop him from doing wrong with great love and affection. You as a parent must know, how will the toddler understand your guidance and in which way you have to teach them properly.

You need to talk to him with great politeness. If you deal them with rudeness and anger there is a great chance that toddler in intimating you will also be rude with you or may disobey you. If your voice is full of anger it has a severe negative impact on the personality of the toddlers.

Proper training to the toddler

You have to properly train the toddler in which you have to guide him by setting an example by doing the same. He will learn from your life and what the toddler watched from their elders in the house. 

For proper training, you just need to set an ideal example in front of him so that he may also try to perform a good task. Guide them properly by explaining the good character of heroes and ideal personalities. Explain the negative impact of bad behavior so that he may avoid it and try to behave sensibly. 

Watching fighting games can make toddle destroy things

Allow them to watch cartoons and television shows that teach them a good lesson. That has a positive impact on the personality of the toddler. These shows can motivate them to do a good task and remain away from negativity and destruction.

Arrange the get-togethers with other toddlers

If a toddler all-time living alone in a home he may become obsessive and rude. So often try to organize meets with other toddlers of his age. For this purpose call others to your home or visit there. Your toddler will love to play with other toddlers.

You can also take your toddler to the park for this purpose where he enjoys and his loneliness went away and he became happy and positive. If your toddler is angry or wants to play, he may destroy everything.

Everyone in his life needs any role model to follow someone. The one who can inspire him. The one who can be followed. So it is human nature and science also proved it that the toddler also has to find a role model in his life. 

So try to be the role model for your toddler. Be decent and nice to your toddler so that he may behave decently and nicely. Always treat them with love and care and try to make his personality a highly positive one.

Proper supervision to toddler

At last, you also have to supervise your child properly. You also have to supervise the children in their daily routine. Their daily routine has to be managed properly and supervised in a true sense also. 

Supervision is the best tool that stops your toddler to do anything wrong. Instead of stopping him again and again from doing wrong keep an eye on him so that he may not able to do anything wrong. Supervision is better than stopping and scolding. 

Allow the toddlers to do some destruction

You don’t have to be vigilant all the time on your toddler that might affect the behavior of your toddler. You have to allow your toddler that do some type of wall painting and paper tearing for some proper development of his body. It will encourage your toddler to grow properly. These all things will be managed if you do any planning to teach your toddler. This behavior will urge the parent and toddler also to build a strong relationship between them. 

If you follow the above points you will see many positive changes in your toddler’s behavior. If he is somehow destructive he can be controlled by these steps if the issue is severe try to consult some pediatrician.

Final words:

The behavior of every toddler could be destructive somehow but it can easily be controlled by some good and positive steps. A toddler can be controlled if you do proper working in these circumstances. These planning and controlling can save you and your kid from the future problem. 

If these problems are not addressed properly they can hilarious for both parents and toddlers. So parents must pay attention to this. If you are in a problem and you smell something big leave everything and try to follow these steps and give your toddler a new life. This is important for you as well for your toddler.

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