Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Sick?

Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Sick?

Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Sick?

Babies of 1 to 3 years old are called toddlers. They are called toddlers because of their random unsteady walk. This age is significant for babies, as all babies start to grow. In this age, toddlers start to grow physically and emotionally. 

The main reasons that can cause your toddler to get sick are poor immune system, poor hygiene, antibiotic abuse, germs from daycare, unhealthy food and increased interaction with the outside environment. It is recommended that you get your toddler checked by a Pediatrician.

Toddlers explore this world and all the things around them. For all these crucial developments, a toddler should be healthy and active in this age. As toddlers encounter various things and subjects in their daily life, there is a chance of them becoming sick more often.

Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Sick?

On average, a toddler gets seven to eight colds per year and two to three times diarrhea and vomiting per year. But unfortunately, toddlers become sick and get all these infections more often at this age.

There could be many reasons for a toddler becoming sick all the time. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons due to which a toddler become sick more often.

Here are some of the reasons for our toddler becoming infected or sick all the time

Immature immune system

Toddlers are in growing age, and all their body systems are not as developed as an adult. The immune system of toddlers is also in development. The babies and toddlers receive antibodies that pass from mothers through the placenta to babies. These antibodies are lesser in numbers and do not last long.

The immune system of toddlers is immature and not able to fight against all the bacteria and viruses. As the toddlers become infected, or we can say different encounter kind of germs, their immune system starts to develop. The toddlers get sick so often because of weak immunity. Toddlers are not able to cope up with varieties of viruses and bacteria.

The immaturity of their immune system is the main reason for toddlers becoming infected and getting sick all of a sudden. Toddlers get cold sinusitis and various gastric problems because they cannot produce antibodies against them. 

Misuse of antibodies

The common illness which a toddler can get is cold sinusitis and pneumonia. The cause of this illness is different kinds of viruses. The common wrong practice among pediatricians is that they treat all these viral infections with antibiotics. The ultimate result of these misuses of antibiotics is that the toddlers become resistant to these antibiotics.

The toddlers becoming sick with a cold and any kind of respiratory disorder cannot be treated with these antibiotics. The misuse of these antibiotics causes resistance in bacteria and also kills some beneficial bacteria naturally present in the gut of toddlers. These beneficial bacteria help toddlers in preventing and fighting various infections.

As misuse of antibiotics causes a death of these beneficial bacteria, the toddlers are unable to fight infections and illness and become sick with various illnesses. Various types of gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea and vomiting in toddlers are due to the misuse of antibiotics. Antibiotic abuse can make your toddler get sick.

Your toddler will keep getting sick from Daycare germs

In this busy lifestyle, parents who cannot get enough leaves to take care of their babies and toddlers take help from daycare centers. The daycare centers are in trend in today’s lifestyle, where both parents are working to meet up their needs.

Daycare centers today have become an excellent site for the transmission of various bacteria and viruses. The respiratory infections in toddlers increase 2 to 3 folds in daycare centers. The daycare centers become a reason toddlers becoming sick more often because of their behavior and lack of personal hygiene.

The toddlers become sick with different illnesses because the staff of the daycare center neglects the hygiene of toddlers. Improper diapering hand and foot washing contribute to toddlers becoming infected with various germs. These negligence cause toddlers to become sick more often with various respiratory and gastric disorders.

The daycare center is also a site where our toddlers come in close contact with other babies and people. This close interaction with other babies becomes a reason for transmission of various viruses and bacteria — that’s why the toddlers get sickness double times as compared to in their home.

Exposure to different varieties of germs

The toddlers become sicker because they are all the time exploring new varieties of bacteria and viruses. There are 200 different species of viruses and bacteria. The toddler, because of their unsteady walk and crawling, can be exposed to different germs present on floors and various objects.

The variations in weather contribute to the exposure of toddlers to a variety of germs. The toddler becomes sick more often, and sometimes all of sudden because their body is exposed to different bacteria to which they have no immunity. The common cold in toddlers increases three times than average in winters due to increased number of viruses in the environment. This is among the main reasons that can make your toddler sick.

Increased interaction with the surrounding

The toddlers are in the age where they explore the world and things around them. The toddlers learn how to walk, and because of their unsteady walk, they encounter different objects which are contaminated with various objects. These objects transfer infection-causing germs in toddlers. The place with more people contributes to the faster transmission of viruses in toddlers.

The interaction of toddlers with other babies is another reason for toddlers becoming sick more often. Dirty floors walls and places where toddlers crawl or play transfer illness-causing bacteria and viruses in toddlers. The toddler getting more colds and gastric problems have an unhygienic environment around them.

Intolerance to foods

Intolerance to different foods in toddlers can also cause recurrent illness in toddlers. The toddlers are intolerant of various foods because their systems are not developed properly. The intolerance of lactose is the most common food intolerance among toddlers.

The intolerance of lactose causes bloating, bumps diarrhea, and vomiting in toddlers. The toddlers frequently suffer from various gastrointestinal disorders due to this intolerance.

The misuse of antibiotics also contributes to this intolerance. The misuse of antibiotics kills beneficial bacteria, which are necessary for the digestion of various foods. The toddlers become sick more often due to a lack of this defensive mechanism.

Lifestyle and poor nutrition

The toddlers are in their growing age. At this age, babies grow rapidly and require proper nutrition. Toddlers need more care and nutrition for growth. The food deficiency in essential nutrients for the optimal growth of toddlers can cause toddlers becoming weak. 

Poor lifestyles also contribute to toddlers getting sick and infected. Unhygienic living styles cause toddlers to become infected more often with germs, and they become sicker. Toddlers may be hitting you if they are sick.

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