Why is my Toddler Pooping So Much?

Toddlers have a very weak immune system to resist any kind of bacterial, viral or amoebic infection. Pooping once a day is fine but if toddler poops three or more times it means he is suffering from some problem. Food items like milk and other dairy products they take are sometimes the main culprit of toddler’s so much pooping.

Toddler poop so much due to some infection may be due to diarrhea and any other infection of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Pooping occurs due to the bowel moment that stimulates the vagus nerve. This vagus nerve runs from the brainstem and ends till the colon.

Why is my Toddler Pooping So Much? You may notice that your toddler is pooping multiple times a day. This can be because of over-feeding, teething, disturbance in the digestive system and improper diet. When the GIT of the toddler is disturbed he poops more than the normal. GIT disturbance can be due to some reasons or infection.

Toddler poops so much from the day he takes birth to the three weeks. As he is getting older his pooping becomes reduced. From three to six weeks of the birth, his pooping become scheduled and slowed. The consistency of the poops matters more than its frequency. Sometimes pooping gives pleasure and relief and toddlers feel comfortable after pooping.

Why is my Toddler Pooping So Much?

In this article, we have added 6 main reasons that can make your toddler to poop frequently. The pooping routine differs from toddler to toddler as the toddler grows. If pooping occurs more than normal it may be due to various reasons. So much toddler pooping is due to improper functioning of the digestive system and carelessness of the parents, so try to control otherwise it may worsen for your toddler.

Following are the various reasons of so much pooping:


A balanced diet is very necessary for the healthy growth of the toddler. It greatly affects the body and mental health of the toddler. The regular movement of the bowel has a very positive effect on the digestive system.

If the diet of the toddler is not proper and it has a lack of essential nutrients then he suffers from the disturbance in the digestive system. The digestive system of the toddler is very sensitive. It may get disturbed due to very little negligence. 

As the newborn only gets its food from his mother so the diet of the mother also affects the pooping of the toddler. The medication takes a mother also affect the toddler. If the toddler is less than six months and he poops so much than the mother must make her diet better and take all nutritional supplements that help to reduce the pooping of the toddler.

A healthy balanced diet full of nutrition is the best for the immunity of the toddler. It enhances the immune system of the toddler. A diet full of fiber is very good for the stool softening and to reduce constipation. 

If the toddler is suffering from excessive poop mothers need to give him fruit like a banana if he is older than six months. You can also give him yogurt and other vegetables that are full of fiber.

Fibrous foods are very good for the good health of the colon. Along with this also need to enhance the water intake of a toddler so that he remains hydrated. Toddler elder than one year or more also able to eat vegetables take is very good for the betterment of the digestive system.

Effect of Overfeeding on toddler’s poop

Increased episodes of pooping is also may be due to excessive intake of milk. If the toddler poops so much pay attention to the quantity and quality of food and milk he takes. If he demands more than physicians recommended food and poops so much it means that his digestive system is not properly functioning.

It does not mean that if a toddler is weeping he needs a feed. Excessive feeding enhances the pooping and also makes the toddler obese so overfeeding is not good for the toddler. Pooping enhance due to overfeeding.

Underdeveloped Digestive System

Not properly developed digestive system also the cause of the so much pooping. As the digestive system is immature so it is not able enough to properly perform its function in a good way. As a result, the milk or food toddler takes excreted out immediately after taking it.

The balanced digestive system is necessary to reduce the episodes of so much pooping and for that, it is necessary to take food that digests easily. If the situation is worse also need to visit the pediatrician.

Effect of breastfeeding and formula milk on pooping

After the breastfeeding toddler poops immediately while when toddlers take formula milk his pooping frequency reduced. The digestive system of the toddler is very weak in the initial days of the birth. It is not used to any type of milk or food. So in the initial days of birth toddler poop so much because his digestive system is not working actively. As it is used to the milk the frequency of the poops reduced.

If the toddler is taking formula milk it is easy to digest so the frequency of the poops reduced after taking formula milk. But in the initial days of birth so many poops are normal. This can make your toddler to poop so much. Regular milk can also make a toddler to poop again and again.

Side effect of medicines

Toddlers are very sensitive so they may get affected by any small act. Some medicines are very necessary for mothers or toddlers when they born. But sometimes these medicines greatly affect the toddlers. If the mother is taking medicines and toddler is breastfeeding these medicines could also affect the toddler. 

If the mother is taking antibiotics toddlers may get badly affected by it. As a result of this, he pooped so much. If any type of medication needs to give to toddlers. His digestive system may get badly effect from it. Because he is not used to for all this and his immune system is very weak and he pooped so much.

Due to the use of antibiotics by mother or toddler the flora of the digestive system also destroyed which is also the reason for so much popping. Some good bacteria are very essential for the digestion and enhancing the immunity of the toddler. That may get destroyed due to excessive use of antibiotics.

Tips to Reduce so much Pooping in toddlers

Pooping can be reduced if the digestive system works properly in a good manner. Following are the various reasons that are very helpful in reducing the frequency of the pooping:

Drink plenty of fluids

Taking enough amount of fluid is very necessary to reduce the pooping. Fluid is very good for the balancing of the electrolytes. Drink juices and solutions full of electrolytes. If the toddler is breastfeeding give him fluid by IV line so that he can remain energetic and hydrated.

If the toddler is older than 2 years he can drink juices. Notice that he can balance his fluids by drinking if yes then ok, if not also take him to the hospital for drip and other fluid replacement therapy.

Take dietary fibers:

A diet full of fibers is very good for the toddler for stool softening and improves digestion, fiber and other nutritional supplements that are very good for toddlers to enhance the flora of the digestive system. This flora is good for proper digestion and the reduction of excessive pooping.

Taking of probiotics:

Probiotics are very good for the toddlers that enhance the immunity of the toddler. It makes your toddler healthy and active enough to fight with the infections. Milk and yogurt are the natural probiotics that protect the digestive systems and enhance the immunity. They also give strength to fight with diseases. 

Due to a weak digestive system so much pooping occur if the toddler takes enough amount of probiotics his all system becomes good enough and the problem of so much pooping will also reduce. Nowadays, formula milk having probiotic action is easily available for the betterment of your toddler.

Final words:

I am going to wind up my words by saying this toddler demand great care and attention. After the age of one month if his pooping is not scheduled. It means he is suffering from some problems bring him to some pediatrician.

If you know the reason stop that reason that causes a toddler to poop so much. Pooping consistency is of great importance than frequency because it is the reason of fluid imbalance. So try to treat it with the help of a pediatrician.

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