Why My Newborn Baby Ears are Dark?

Why My Newborn Baby Ears are Dark?

Why My Newborn Baby Ears are Dark?

People often ask many questions about why newborn babies ears are dark. It is usual for newborn babies but does not happen with every newborn. People often get worried when they see that the ears of their newborn baby are dark. This is not a severe condition, and it does not happen due to some severe health problems. 

All newborn babies are different from each other; even the skin color and body features of the newborn varies. Some newborn babies are born with unique birthmarks, while some are born with the blue color of feet, some with different teeth and some with six fingers in their hands.

The major reasons for your newborn baby to have dark ears are as follows:

  • Premature birth
  • Theory of Black ear
  • Natural
  • Transition with time

At birth, the skin is not pure white, it is either brown or black. The skin of a newborn baby can be grayish or blue. Some babies are born with the blue color of the face, and this may be the result of heart disease or other diseases. But the dark ears of a newborn baby are not a severe problem because it is widespread.

Why My Newborn Baby Ears are Dark?

When a baby is born, the skin of the baby may not match with every part of the body. The color of the baby’s ears may be different from the color of the hands and face of baby. Naturally, there is no big deal in this situation. Therefore, it is not a health problem.

 So, without worrying too much, you must take care of your baby as much as you can. Newborn babies are often susceptible, and they demand great attention from their parents. Mothers are often compassionate in the case of their newborn babies.

Your baby has not such a big problem, so it is recommended that you massage your baby with baby lotion or coconut oil, it will improve the health of your baby. Dark ear can also be caused by the premature birth of your baby or immature blood circulation in your baby during your pregnancy.

Premature birth can result in dark ears in newborn babies

The baby whose birth takes place before the due date of delivery is called a premature birth of the baby. Some babies are often born three weeks before the expected time due to some complications. These babies may have some complex health problems. It is difficult for a premature baby to survive, but some premature babies survive and gain good health after some years.

The poor diet, drinking alcohol, drugs, and smoking by the parents may cause the premature birth of babies. But it is not necessary that premature birth only takes place when the parents are addictive to alcohol or smoking. It can also happen due to heritage in families. Even if the blood inside the body of the baby is not flowing correctly, it may cause the ears of the baby to get dark.

Premature babies may cause these health problems like weak eyesight, heart problems, infections, hearing problems, and problems of the intestine, etc. It is a rare case that premature babies born with dark ears while the other parts of the baby’s body have different skin tones.

The dark ears are also caused by the immature circulation of blood in the body of the baby during pregnancy when the baby is born prematurely. There is an entirely natural procedure in the formation of baby during pregnancy. Therefore, when a baby is born before nine months, the last stage of baby formation is skipped due to the early birth of a child.

It may result in the dark ears of the baby. A premature baby can have jaundice, breathing problems, allergy. These are serious problems, but your baby does not have a severe problem as it is a common thing seen in almost every child. 

Theory of Black ears in newborn babies

The theory of black ears includes the concept that the color of the top of a newborn baby is the real color of the baby’s skin. This concept is considered a myth, as well as truth. In some babies, it may be proved correct or vice versa. Some babies have dark ears but white complexion. When babies grow after one year, the appearance of babies turns dark like the color of their ears.

It is not compulsory that if a baby is born with dark ears, then it is the pure complexion of that baby. There are exceptional cases which cannot be explained in any way. Some babies are born with dark ears, but when they grow up, their complexion becomes white.There are various causes.

The babies who are born with dark ears are not weak concerning health. If a baby is born with dark ears, it does not mean that he/she is not healthy or suffering from some health problem. The babies get complexion from their parent’s genes; therefore, if the mother and father have white skin, then the baby will also have white complexion.

Therefore, it is not always correct that the baby having dark ears will have a dark complexion. Hence, please don’t worry about it. Take care of your children as your baby is perfect because it is perfect, and there is no health problem with your baby. Therefore, no one is sure about the black ear theory. Some call this a myth, and some call it a truth. 


The dark ears of a newborn baby are natural, and it is not a disease or a symptom of the disease. It is natural that when a baby born, he or she may have a birthmark, twin thumbs or dark ears, etc. These birthmarks and dark ears are not due to some severe problems; this is natural.

Initially, babies are born very pink, but when they born, they become yellow, darker, or reddish. Sometimes their hands become bluish, or their ears become dark. Therefore, this is a common thing to have dark ears of a newborn baby.

The immunity and long life of your baby should be a priority for you, so you don’t have to worry about the dark ears of your newborn baby. Therefore, it is common that your baby has dark ears. Physical appearance, eye color, nose shape of the baby is according to the genes that he or she gets from his or her parents. Therefore, dark ears are with the blessing of God.

Some scars or rashes disappear after a few days of baby’s birth. The babies who have dark ears become normal after some time. There is no concern about ethnicity in the dark ears of the baby. People often say that only black parents have dark ears of their babies, which is totally wrong.

Some babies are born with a complexion that does not match with the parents, so it is natural. Therefore, nothing is impossible or difficult for nature — many babies are born with dark ears while the complexion of face and body is different.

Transition with time

The largest organ of humans is skin, and it has three layers that have different functions. When a baby is newly born, the color of the baby is not real. The color of baby changes as the environment changes. You should know that the pigment called melanin is passed on to the baby from its parents, and it controls the skin tone of a newborn baby.

The number of genes transferred from mother and father controls the amount of melanin that is passed in their baby. The skin tone of a baby changes to real color for six months or the first year due to the effect of the environment on a baby. Therefore, the complexion of your baby will also change. The color of the baby mostly depends on the genes.

The skin of the newborn baby is very soft at first, and the color of the skin is according to the health of the baby. The skin complexion of your baby also changes with time. The skin of newborn babies is so thin that we can see blood vessels very clearly.

The skin changes its color if a baby lives in a tropical environment. The white complexion of the baby may turn into dull appearance due to sunlight. The sunlight produces pigment in our body, which is called melanin. The color of melanin is brown, so when a human goes under the sunshine, then it produces melanin.

If a baby lives in a cold environment, then there is less possibility that the baby’s complexion will change. The skin color of a baby changes as the body organs or size of a baby grows if the baby is born with white appearance then maybe the complexion changes in the future.

Therefore, the complexion of a baby changes with the effect of the environment or the baby’s care. When a mother takes excellent care of their weak and dark complexion babies or babies with dull ears, then the complexion of babies improves within a few weeks. 

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