Why Toddlers Speech is Usually Telegraphic?

Why Toddlers Speech is Usually Telegraphic?

Toddlers are at the early age of learning and memorizing things and languages. Toddlers start learning from the first day of their birth. Learning a language or speaking words is difficult for toddlers in the early months of their age. But gradually they start to learn their mother language or native language and become an expert in it after a year or so.

Speech is very important for toddlers. Telegraphic speech is a simple speech that consists of almost two words long sentences that may be a noun or a verb. In simple words, you can say that telegraphic speech is the initial words spoken by toddlers at the early age of their life when start speaking.

Why Toddlers Speech is Usually Telegraphic? Telegraphic speech is the evolutionary step that is taken by the kids. Initially, toddlers start it as fun. Telegraphic speech enhances the communication skills and the language of the toddler and make the toddler confident. A toddler start telegraphic communication when they are almost at 17 to 23 months of age.

The telegraphic speech of toddler enable them to take their first step towards speaking. This is the best time of their age to learn any type of language either mother or local language. Almost the 20 to 21 month of age is the best age to learn and speak and this time of age tell the intelligence of the toddler.

Toddler speech is usually telegraphic because initially speaking a full sentence is very difficult. Because they don’t know the whole sentence and it is very problematic for them to speak so long. So initially they start speaking one to two words to tell their demand to their parents. 

Telegraphic speech is good for the toddler. It is the best for the proper growth and development of the toddler. It is also the best for enhancing the confidence and character building of the toddler. 

If your toddler has not started speaking telegraphic speech it means he is suffering from some mental disorder or some stress or any type of vocal issue. He needs some treatment or need a speech therapist that train your toddler to speak. It may be due to lack of confidence; you have to enhance it by giving him company and by talking with him a lot so that he can start speaking.

Why Toddlers Speech is Usually Telegraphic?

Telegraphic speech is very important for the toddler. It is very necessary for the toddlers to enhance their growth and development. Telegraphic speech may be frustrated for the other but it is necessary for your toddler. So no need to panic and enjoy it and enhance the confidence of your toddler by appreciating them.

It is the speech of the toddler in which he started speaking from one and a half years to almost two years or more. In this way, he starts explaining his demand in just 2 to 3 words that words may be a noun or verb. Somehow it is known as the fancy speech of the toddler that consist of some lovely and cute words.

When a toddler is almost 19 to 23 months he only speaks 2 to 3 words to share his full expression. But when he is elder than 25 months he starts speaking almost more than 3 to 4 words almost half-sentence or more that is also known as multiword expression. For example, he able to speak dog, cat, bark, want to go washroom, rubbish, healthy, want to eat, need water, etc.  

Through telegraphic speech, toddlers learn how to express their feelings and their thoughts and explain their need and their demand. Through his one or two words, he is able to express his whole feeling. Telegraphic speech is as important for the toddler as standing on his feet. Because standing is important for walking similarly telegraphic speech is important for proper speaking. So no needs to take it light and appreciate your toddler when he speaks one or two words so that he start speaking fast.

Due to telegraphic speech slowly and gradually toddler learn how to make a sentence and how to present it. The toddler also learn all about the grammar through the telegraphic communication. It is very good to teach him all about the rules of the toddler.

With the help of your support and encouragement, he is able to learn all about language. So always encourage his telegraphic speech so that he will learn all about the language and speaking and get great command on it.

Telegraph speech is that type of speech which has to communicate the thought and feelings of the toddler from one side to another. This speech will tell the others about their feels and emotions. These things have to consider important for the health of the toddlers. The toddlers are a very sensitive stage of life. They have to think of the situation according to the demands of the time. Telegraphic speech is very easy to understand by their parents. Their parents have to learn the telegraph speech. 

Steps of telegraphic speech

Telegraphic speech consists of various steps. It is not possible that toddlers start speaking two words at once. All the process occur step by step; following are various steps;

Initially at the age of 5 to 6 months till at the age of 8 to 9 months toddlers start babbling. Then after the babbling, the second stage of speech comes in which he starts speaking one word and this time you call this stage one-word stage. It starts from the age of 9 to 10 months to 18 to 19 months. 

After that age when a toddler is almost 18 to 24 months, he starts speaking two words and you call this stage as two-word stage and after this, till the 30th month of their age, he at the telegraphic stage and start speaking more than two words. In this stage, you can say that he is able to speak a mini sentence. All occur through one by one. The best growth in speech is that growth that occurs slowly and gradually.

After every stage toddlers need more care and attention for better growth and good learning. After the telegraphic stage, the further stage of multiple words starts and the toddler starts speaking more words and started to complete his sentences.

These steps are very essential for the development of language in the toddlers. Each and every step of telegraphic learning is very essential and everyone should take great care of step by step development of language. Because if at the correct age toddler has not started speaking and babbling. So this is the point of concern and you have to visit a good pediatrician and follow his instructions.

Toddlers learn telegraphic speech from surroundings

Toddler learn telegraphic speech form his surroundings. Because it is of great importance what a toddler hears in his daily life. The language spoken by the people around him is very easy to learn for him. So if you want to teach a language of your choice to your toddler. you have to speak that language to a toddler so that he can easily learn it.

Toddler learn initially those words which he hears most. For example; mom, dad, sis, apple, bad, school, bread, candy these are the words that are a toddler listens more and speak as their initial words when they start babbling. After babbling they focus on these words and start speaking them. In this way, they try to tell their parents about their demands and their needs. 

The key point is that toddlers learn from hearing so if you want that your toddler speaks well and pronounce good words so you have to make yourself better.

Hurdles in telegraphic speech

There are so many hurdles that are enough to make the speech of your toddler tough and confused. Among all these hurdles few are described as follow:

The main hurdle is speaking of two languages by parents at once. This situation confused the toddler and he is unable to decide whether what should he speak and what is the meaning of his parents’ words. So don’t confuse your toddler to keep him easy by speaking simple and easy language with him. Toddlers can even learn two languages at once.

This problem occurs when there is a difference between local and national languages. Mostly the toddlers of brown parents suffer this problem. Because in Asia there are so many languages that differ from area to area and state to state. But their national language is just one. So toddlers confused about what they speak because half the people around him speak in the local language and the other half speak in the national language.

These hurdles create problems for your toddler because due to this reason he missed the telegraphic speak and becomes shy and has a lack of confidence. So no need to complicate the things keep them easy for your toddler and enhance his confidence by appreciating them. 

It is important to speak and be confident rather than not to speak and remain shy for the whole of his life. Because these months have great importance in his character building and enhancing his confidence. Due to which he can feel that his tiny, cute words are much important for you than any other thing and language. Your support enhance his telegraphic speak and he started completed his sentences very soon.

Enhance telegraphic speech of toddlers

It is the duty of the parents to take great care of your toddler and make him confident by appreciating him and talking with him. Due to which he is able to feel important and lovely and started speaking properly in his proper age. 

Because speaking has a very strong impact on the brain. If he starts speaking at the proper time his brain development will also be proper and he can become a confident and intelligent guy. If he speaks late and even not start telegraphic speech at a proper time of age; his brain growth will also be delayed which has a negative impact on his overall life.

So it is the parent’s duty to deal with his toddler in a good manner so that he can grow properly and live a healthy, active and confident life. To enhance telegraphic speech parent should need to talk more and more with toddlers and start giving him a healthy diet with yogurt, so that he can nourish well and speak at the proper time. A balanced diet makes your toddler healthy and he can speak easily when getting proper nourishment.

Final words

At last, I suggest you to take proper care of your toddler and feel him special so that he can become a healthy and active person. You should also takecare of your kids diet and add mushrooms in his diet. Telegraphic speech is very important so no need to ignore this phase. This is important for the growth and development of toddlers and their bright future.

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